Q: Do you take requests?
Maybe. It really depends on whether the request fits in my interests. So if you have any, just ask and I’ll check it out. (01/26/16 – At the moment, only c-novels will be translated, I want to my improve my Japanese first before attempting anything.)

Q: May we re-translate your translations?
Hmmm. I’m very tempted to say yes and give permission, but there’s a part of me that doesn’t really want a double translation; things will definitely lose more meaning than already have since it’s been translated from Chinese > English. So my answer is, sorry but no.

Q: May I use your manga/manhwa/manhua translations for scanlating?
Yes, please go ahead. As long as you include my name in the credits, I’m all for it! Please however DO NOT steal my hard work and claim it as your own.

Q: Is there any way I can help?!
Please remember to just leave a comment and say thanks? Having support from readers is a great motivation to continue!

Q: I can’t see the chatbox! How can I send a message?! 
That’s simple. On the top-right-hand side there’s a symbol that looks like Ξ, click on that then when the sidebar pops out, click on the symbol with a person on it (or your icon if you’re logged onto twitter) then just choose the color which fits you best to see it on the site.

Q: I found a translation error/grammatical error!
If you have, leave a message and I’ll double-check!

Q: When do you release chapters?!
My regular schedule is once a week (or so) every Monday or Wednesday and if I have time + in the mood, even earlier. However, when I’m in a good mood + have to time to do so, whenever I want, as frequent as I want.


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