Records of Washed Away Injustices: Chapter 013 – Autopsy (3)

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Evidence? Zhuo Qing laughed mockingly, then suddenly got up: “I’ll let him tell you all where the evidence is!”

Him? Everyone looked towards where Zhuo Qing was gazing at. It was precisely the already rigid Lin Bo Kang who was lying on the ground. It was undoubtedly just a corpse, how was he supposed to tell them where the evidence was?! Everyone in the crowd gasped, and couldn’t help but take a step back, except for the peaceful Lou Xi Yan.

“We’ll talk about the deceased’s cause of death first.” Zhuo Qing pointed towards the corpse’s neck, and said to Mo Bai: “Lift up his neck.”

He really thought he was a servant! Mo Bai inwardly mumbled to himself in his mind, but his hand however had somewhat involuntarily followed Zhuo Qing’s instructions, and lightly propped up Lin Bo Kang’s neck. The neck’s creases smoothed out, and the strap marks on the deceased’s neck could be seen clearly.

“The deceased’s body don’t have any other visible fatal injuries or any signs of being poisoned, and signs of suffocation appear to be clear. The cause of death is indeed because his neck was hung up by his belt, and thus died from suffocation.”

Just when Zhuo Qing said one sentence, Wang Bing Sheng immediately softly scoffed. How was this different from what he just said; deliberately mystifying to make thing unnecessarily complicated!

Not bothering to dispute with him any longer, Zhuo Qing crouched down, and pointed towards the strap marks on the deceased’s neck, and coldly said: “There are two different strap marks on the deceased’s neck. If he had hung himself there is a possibility of two different strap marks appearing. The edges of the strap marks are normally comparatively even, and the tongue bones* and throat bones rarely suffer fractures. However the deceased’s double strap marks are not like this at all. One of them is located below the thyroid cartilage, and parallel to the body. This strap mark is precisely the one the murderer had created when he wrangled the deceased until he lost consciousness. Since the deceased struggled with all his might, therefore the epidermis of the strap area’s groove peeled off, so bleeding had occurred under the skin, making this strap mark deep and distinct, emerging as a dark black. The other strap mark was created when the murderer had hung the deceased up on the ceiling. At this time the deceased had already lost consciousness, so the strap mark is shallow and light. The deceased’s cervical vertebrae bones are very clearly fractured and are protruding out, which is exactly the result of him having been forcefully wrung by a strong and violent twist of a strap around his neck before.”

Lou Xi Yan walked into the prison, and carefully examined the deceased’s neck. It was exactly as Zhuo Qing had said. There were two strap marks; one deep and one shallow, both completely very obvious.

Wu Zhi Gang was extremely unwilling to, but he had no choice other than to resentfully follow along in. Ferociously giving Wang Bing Sheng a glare, Wu Zhi Gang inwardly scolded, this idiot, just who is the coroner here!!

Noticing Wu Zhi Gang’s glare, Wang Bing Sheng suddenly came back to his senses. It’s no wonder that brat was so arrogant a moment ago, so he really did have some skills.

After trying hard to deeply ponder for a few moments, Wang Bing Sheng overbearingly retorted: “If he was strangled to death, the strap marks on the back of the deceased’s neck should have traces of crossing over each other. The back of his neck obviously doesn’t have it! It’s also possible that the different deep and shallow strap marks that appeared on the neck could have been created when he struggled as he was about to die!”

“Take off his upper garment.” Zhuo Qing eventually ended up standing up, facing the Wang Bing Sheng who’s face was covered with provocation, and coldly said: “You have no rights to be a coroner!”

Wang Bing Sheng raged: “What did you say?!” He’s been a coroner at Ying Tian Governmental Office for so many years, did countless autopsies, and this brat thinks that just because he understands some things he can say that he’s unfit!

“As a coroner, you are the only person who can speak what the deceased wants to say, he’s using his body to tell you, how he died! When he died! The experiences he went through as he died! But you, completely ignored it all, and didn’t even carefully examine the corpse’s every injury, every detail, and just arbitrarily made a verdict. Because of your one word, he could have died without anyone knowing the real reason, and the murderer is also permitted to go unfettered and roam away freely!”

She can tolerate a forensic investigator’s skill level being low, since all knowledge and experience can be learned and accumulated. But what she can’t tolerate is, as a forensic investigator, having an undisciplined attitude, doing careless and sloppy work, and even stubbornly retorts and quibbles!

The tranquil and cold voice, sounded out in the prison. Not only was Wang Bing Sheng criticized until both his face and ears reddened, Lou Xi Yan’s heart was also shaken up.

The him now and the him from when he saw him back then were completely different. The him from back then was somewhat cold and arrogant, somewhat crafty, but the him now was firm and persistent, calm and profound. Was he really the teen that he originally thought he was? Lou Xi Yan was uncertain now.

“My husband….” The jail cell instantly became so silent that it was somewhat scary, until a mournful wail sound made everyone’s sense return.

Mo Bai had already taken off Lin Bo Kang’s clothing. There were many deep and shallow injuries of all sizes, some were already healed and closed up, others were recent and had just formed scabs. Even though all weren’t new injuries, but looking at them now, it was just as malevolent as before.

Mrs. Lin nearly threw herself onto the deceased’s body, choking with sobs. Zhuo Qing quietly said: “Wu Si, carry her to the side, to not hinder me.”

“O*!” Wu Si hurriedly went up, and brought Mrs. Lin away to a side.

Miss Zhuo was a little different, but how she was different he couldn’t quite put a finger on it. The words she said always somehow made it hard for people to disobey her.

No longer paying attention to the Wang Bing Sheng who was so ashamed he was unable to show his face by the side, Zhuo Qing once again crouched down, and lightly pushed the deceased’s shoulder to the side. Mo Bai understandingly swiftly helped him turn the deceased over to his side. Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrow; quite clever, very fitting to be an assistant!

“The reason why the lines from the strap on the neck don’t cross over each other because he had been forcefully choked to death by someone with his belt while his back was pushed against a solid object, and so consequently there are physical object marks on the deceased’s back.”

As expected, two purple lines appeared on Lin Bo Kang’s back. The marks didn’t resemble his old scars, these two bruises’ colors were darkened, and the exterior surface of the skin was damaged; the injury was relatively new.

What kind of object made these?! Everyone began looking all over the place to find something similar to the weapon used in the murder. Lou Xi Yan was the first to walk to the jail cell’s door. He crouched down, and began looking for something.

Not understanding what Lou Xi Yan was doing, Wu Zhi Gang compared it for a long time, then finally discovered that the two marks on the deceased’s back, no matter how big or small or thick and narrow, it was the exact same as the wooden poles on jail cell’s door. He called out in surprise: “I found it, it’s the wooden poles on the jail cell door!”

Groping the wooden pole for a moment, the corner of his mouth lightly lifted up, then he slowly got up. He had also found it.

Almost as if she was waiting for him, Zhuo Qing only lifted up the deceased’s finger after he had turned around, and said: “Precisely, the deceased had been choked until he had passed out from outside the door, and because he had struggled with all his strength, there are some remainings of sawdust on his fingertips.”

The two’s eyes met, Zhuo Qing pulled down the tip of the hat, and once again blocked out Lou Xi Yan’s inquiring eyes.

Wu Zhi Gang nodded with a looking of understanding on his face: “If you put it like that, Lin Bo Kang really was murdered!!”

Turning around and glaring at the lowly bailiff, he asked: “Who else had entered the jail cell today?!”

Using his all to think over and over again, the lowly bailiff scowled miserably, and replied: “Other than they ones who came to bring up the criminal just a while ago, there hasn’t been anyone who’s entered the prison.”

“Nonsense!” Wu Zhi Gang harshly scolded: “If no one came in how was he murdered?”

There really hasn’t been anyone! The lowly bailiff wanted to say but couldn’t, and could only lower his head and take on the scolding.

“Because the deceased had already passed away last night!” Zhuo Qing shook her head not being able to stand it anymore. They couldn’t finish listening to her first before re-investigating the case? That kind of custom is really troublesome!

“Last night?”

– *Tongue bone: This is probably the hyphoid right…? I’m not 100% positive since my specialty isn’t biology…I apologize If I’m wrong. Could someone please correct me if they know what it’s talking about? Thanks! I’ll leave it as tongue bones & throat bones since that’s exactly how the author wrote it. Would it be better to use hyphoid and other more proper terms? Please leave a comment on your opinions!

– *O! (哦): May sound like “Oh”, but it’s more like a “Yes!” kind of meaning.


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