Records of Washed Away Injustices: Chapter 012: Autopsy (2)

Tada! My little bonus! Extra chapter! In the end, I really wanted to continue reading this a bit more since it’s getting to an exciting point! Pirate Princess Su Su (Gu Yun’s daughter) will have a wait for a while! But don’t worry, I’ll have it out sometime soon, as well as the next scheduled chapter. Though, honestly speaking, I’m in a good mood recently, and I feel like reading more of Zhuo Qing x Lou Xi Yan, so I’m completely disregarding my schedule and releasing another chapter in a day or two. Then in a few weeks it’s finals time, so things might get slower then.

Anyways, if you spot any mistakes, please leave a comment to let me know! Thanks!
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Once Zhuo Qing finished talking, everyone immediately looked towards the corpse.

That’s right. His clothes are clean and neat without a single wrinkle, and his shoes don’t even have a speck of dust on them. In comparison, the carelessly bundled up hair is indeed somewhat messy. Not to mention, how is it possible for a convict who’s been in prison for two months to be wearing a new set of clothing?

Wu Zhi Gang asked in a loud voice: “Who was the bailiff keeping watch last night?”

A lowly bailiff with an average build who was silently standing by the side hurriedly stepped forward, and replied in a low voice: “It was This Lowly Person He Liu Wu.”

“What’s this all about? Why is he changed into a new set of clothing?”

The bailiff timidly replied: “Reporting to DaRen, yesterday night, the Lin family’s housekeeper Li Ming came to visit Lin Bo Kang, saying Lin Bo Kang has been unable to wash up for days, and hoped he could send in a set of clean clothing. Seeing that their master-servant relationship was so deep, and he since he really did bring some clothing, we let him go in. But he only stayed for a burning stick of incense’s time* and then left.”

A burning stick of incense, to murder someone within that amount of time is a bit tight. Lou Xi Yan who kept quiet the entire time asked in a low voice: “After Li Ming left, did any of you go in and check up on him, was Lin Bo Kang still alive or not.”

Although Lou Xi Yan didn’t get angry, the lowly bailiff still didn’t dare to raise his head to look at him. Closing his eyes he urgently described last night’s circumstances: “Replying to Prime Minister Lou, when Li Ming came, it just so happened to be when the rain and wind was at its heaviest. The branches of the big tree outside the prison was snapped in half by the wind, and piled up outside the prison door. We were busy carrying the branches away, then after a while, Li Ming came out, and even helped us move it away, then afterwards he left. At that time our clothes were also drenched, and when we finished changing it was already very late into the night, so no one was patrolling the prison. Until just recently when DaRen wanted to send for the criminal, only then did we find out……” He was dead….

“You idiots!” One of Wu Zhi Gang’s hands slapped onto the lowly bailiff’s official’s cap. These bastards, they went as far as making him look like a fool in front of Prime Minister Lou. If this made Prime Minister Lou think that he was a this kind of prison supervisor, how can he still keep his official’s hat!

Lou Xi Yan never paid attention to his little show in the first place, and asked seriously: “Call for Li Ming.”

Li Ming was the last person to see Lin Bo Kang, he must know something!

“Yes.” The lowly bailiff hurriedly ran out.

Seeing the corpse lay there stiffly on the ground like that made people feel a bit horrified. Wu Zhi Gang hurriedly flatteringly said: “Prime Minister-daren, the autopsy is already completed, and the negative air in the prison is so heavy, so why not rest in the lobby first, as to not let the unluckiness rub off on you.”

Lou Xi Yan turned around, and just happened to look into Zhuo Qing’s eyes who was continuously staring at the corpse without looking away. His foot which had already stepped out of the jail cell stopped again, Lou Xi Yan suddenly asked: “What do you think.”

Asking a youngster this question was a bit ridiculous, but Lou Xi Yan’s intuition told him this youngster would give him a different answer.

“I….” Zhuo Qing hesitated for a moment, however knowing that the deceased’s cause of death was suspicious, but still watched from the side with folded arms violated her job ethics and code of conduct. After secretly sighing, Zhuo Qing replied: “I want to go in and take a look.”

“How impudent!” It was that odd brat again, he was the one who was making a commotion in the court just a while ago, and now he even followed into here. Just when he wanted to throw him out, Lou Xi Yan’s mood suddenly improved and smilingly said: “Let him go in.”

Lou Xi Yan already spoke, so no matter how unhappy Wu Zhi Gang was, he didn’t dare to oppose him.

After being in the bureaucracy scene for so many years, he also learned how to see a few things. Prime Minister Lou was extremely fond of this youngster…..Zhuo Qing entered the jail cell, and crouched down beside the corpse. Only giving a glance to the strap marks on the neck, Zhuo Qing used all of her fingers and stretched into the deceased’s hair, thoroughly inspecting the head.

After a moment, she lifted up the deceased’s neck, and examined the back of the neck. After she examined it, Zhuo Qing halted for a moment, then pressed on a corner of the deceased’s mouth, a thread of saliva faintly came out following along a corner of the mouth.

It was just as she thought.

Zhuo Qing grasped onto the deceased’s arm, and used a little strength, it was completely unable to bend at all, the rigor mortis was very obvious! Pulling up the sleeve, she saw livor mortis on the arm, and some intertwining scars and bruises. But from the look of it they looked like old injuries, so it looks like the thing about interrogation under torture to extort a confession was true.

Zhuo Qing was very attentive, but in Wu Zhi Gang’s eyes, she was just making trouble without any reason, and deliberately mystifying things to make things unnecessarily complicated.

Not bothering to look at her, Wu Zhi Gang took advantage and analytically said towards Lou Xi Yan: “Prime Minister Lou-daren, from what This Lowly Official sees, since it has already been ascertained that it was suicide, it must be that Lin Bo Kang had planned this in advance long ago, thus he asked Li Ming to bring some clean clothing here, so that he can use his belt to commit suicide. ”

Lou Xi Yan weakly smiled but didn’t say a word, his gaze only stayed on Zhuo Qing, embarrassing Wu Zhi Gang.

As expected Zhuo Qing didn’t let him down, thus he threw out a sentence in a not casual nor serious tone: “What if it wasn’t suicide?”

Not suicide?

Lou Xi Yan’s smile became even bigger, he knew, this youngster will definitely give him a nice surprise.

Wu Zhi Gang froze. Wang Bing Sheng was the first to react, and shouted: “Rubbish!” Where did this brat come from, he even dared to question the results from his examination, and not only that it was right in front of DaRen and Prime Minister Lou too, how could he endure such a thing?!

Walking to the corpse’s side, and pointing at the corpse’s neck, Wang Bing Sheng glared at Zhuo Qing, and said with certainty: “If he had been hung up after he died, then the strap marks on his neck would appear as white, and not light purple! All four of the deceased’s limbs are naturally hanging downwards, and some spotted burns from a fire-like marks have appeared on his feet, precisely being the most important proof that he died by hanging himself! If you don’t understand then you shouldn’t talk nonsense.”

Completely ignoring his hooting, Zhuo Qing slightly lowered her head, and called out in a low voice: “That blue eyed one, you come here and help me for a bit.”

Not having an assistant is really troublesome!

Blue eyes? Mo Bai froze for a moment, but in the end he still walked over there, and crouched down beside Zhuo Qing. Following her commands, he lightly turned the corpse over to the side.

Lou Xi Yan didn’t actually expect that Mo Bai would unexpectedly go over to help him. Unlike Jing Sa’s unfeeling outward appearance, Mo Bai’s coldness comes from within his heart which leaks outside. How was that youngster able to get him to act?

Even during a time like this Lou Xi Yan was calmly looking at Zhuo Qing’s concentrated back, waiting to see what kind of performance he will play out.

To be completely disregarded by him, and to top it off it was by a nobody with no reputation! How could Wang Bing Sheng hold back this anger. Just when he wanted to open his mouth to denounce him, Zhuo Qing while examining the deceased’s back asked with an indifferent tone: “If he was first choked by someone until he lost consciousness, then hung up on the ceiling, wouldn’t the corpse also show the exact same kind of marks?”

“That….” Wang Bing Sheng was immediately speechless. Not letting him ponder on it for too long, Zhuo Qing slightly raised her head, and said with a cold voice: “I’m only asking you, yes or no!”

Under the brim of the hat came a completely pressuring powerful and dominating line of sight, Wang Bing Sheng panicked, then thought it over again. The opponent was just a youngster, what was he panicking over.

Lightly coughing to cover up his bewilderment from a moment ago, Wang Bing Sheng loudly replied: “There is such a possibility, but this is only a guess of yours, what evidence do you have to prove that he was first choked until he passed out then hung up afterwards?!” He’d like to see what kind of abilities a brat like him could have!

Evidence? Zhuo Qing laughed sarcastically, and suddenly got up.
– *A burning stick of incense’s time (一炷香的時間):


A burning stick of incense.

Meaning the amount of time it takes for one stick of incense to burn. And from my searching, it’s ~60 mins plus or minus. (Though in reality, it doesn’t always burn for exactly one hour, it really all depends on the weather and other conditions which may affect it’s burning progress. ) When “a stick of incense’s time” is used in writing, it means “an extremely short amount of time”.


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    • Actually, 6 in total. 5 are complete with the 6th in progress. I just grouped it together since I haven’t started to completely read through it yet so I’m not sure who exactly are the pirates yet.


      • Really?! Wow, I wish I could read Chinese ❤ What are book 5 and 6 about? Who are the protagonists?


      • Since the 4th is about Gu Yun’s daughter, the 5th is about Zhuo Qing’s daughter, and the last is Qing Feng’s daughter. All of them are apparently really doted on by their fathers so…it’s definitely going to be exciting to read!


  1. Ty for the chapter. BAMF Zhou Qing xD

    Are you the one updating the releases on NU? This chapter was labelled ch122 instead of ch12.


    • Uhm I don’t quite understand what you mean, but livor mortis are the marks that appear after death and they appear as bluish purple bruise-like spots while rigor mortis is the stiffening of the body after death. Hope that clears up any misunderstandings, and thanks for reading!

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  2. Incense in the past era, unlike current machine-pressed one, burns pretty fast. The standard one burns completely in less than 5 minute.


    • Uhm, actually it’s not that, because the measure word had been lost in the translation progress. According to the text, the author wrote “一炷香” not “一柱香” which is the one you’re thinking of. The latter stands for 5 mins time and directly refers to the stick itself while the former refers strictly to ~60 mins of time which it takes to burn.
      Sorry for the confusion, I’ve fixed up my notes and translations now, but thanks for raising the issue!


  3. WAAAAAAH! I am in love with this series now! Xi Yan is so nice!!!! And Zhuo Qing is amazing! I can barely wait for the next chapters! I BEG YOU! YOU ARE SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME for translating this! I can’t deal with the mystery! When will she be discovered by him?!
    I loved the chapter, thank you!


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