Records of Washed Away Injustices: Chapter 011 – Autopsy (1)

Here’s my promised second chapter. Next is my bonus for taking a long break ^^. Though I’m still somewhat wavering on what I should do…well…we’ll see. It’s either the prologue chapter of The Pirate Princesses or the next chapter of this. I have to do both anyways, it’s just a matter of what I feel like posting first. I’m just going to get some rest first.

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“Why the need to be in such a hurry to chase someone out. Whether it’s suicide or homicide, we’ll know when we see the corpse.”

Dead bodies never lie!

A cold and indifferent voice sounded out from within the lobby. The voice was especially ear-piercing, moreover the one who said those words was a strange person who was completely drenched in sweat in an ash grey gown.

Wu Zhu Gang impatiently shouted out: “Who are you?! How dare you make a racket in the court!”

“I…..” How should she reply? Zhuo Qing lightly raised up the corners of her mouth, and lazily replied: “I’m a passerby.”


Everyone was flabbergasted, that…what kind of answer what that!?

Lou Xi Yan rubbed his nose, and forced out a light cough in order to stop himself from laughing out loud. Passerby?! How impressive of him to be able to come up with such an excuse.

He he he’s practically just plainly insulting the court!! Wu Zhi Gang’s complexion turned black from anger. Ignorant child, what kind of place does he think the court is!

For a moment he forgot Lou Xi Yan was still beside him. Wu Zhi Gang went up to the middle of the lobby, pointed at Zhuo Qing and angrily said: “How preposterous, servants! Go and bring him……”

“Wu-daren.” A not casual yet not serious low voice called out, as if it were a basin of cool water hat poured down from above his head.

Wu Zhi Gang became alert at once, hurriedly turned around, and respectfully replied: “What orders do Prime Minister Lou have?”

Getting up and smoothing out the somewhat wrinkled lapel, Lou Xi Yan asked: “Where is the corpse right now?”

Wu Zhi Gang looked towards the bailiffs who came to report earlier. The bailiffs frantically replied: “Still in prison.”

Passing through the lobby, Lou Xi Yan leisurely strolled towards the side door. Wu Zhi Gang was greatly alarmed, and immediately followed from behind, and worriedly said: “Prime Minister, what are you…?”

“Get the coroner to do the autopsy, This Minister wants to personally supervise it. To find out whether it was suicide or homicide!” Lou Xi Yan was neither warm nor angry, his emotions couldn’t be made out easily, but terrifying horror followed from behind his back. Wu Zhi Gang’s back was already completely soaked long ago.

Once Mrs. Lin heard there was going to be an autopsy, she wanted to rush over again. Lin Bo Kang’s death was very sudden, all the villagers whole-heartedly wanted to get an understanding.

A group of people also followed and rushed forward towards the side door. The bailiff’s long sticks were already raised out: “You people can’t go in!”

The hand that Mrs. Lin used to tightly grab onto the long stick was trembling very violently, while trying to burst through at the same time she was crying she said: “Why? That’s my husband!”

Wu Zhi Gang’s tall and robust body blocked Mrs. Lin from the side. The simple and honest faces whole-heartedly begged: “Government official-dage*, please let us through!”

“Out of the question!” The bailiffs never even looked them in the eye, and left no leeway for interceding.

Zhuo Qing semi-leaned against the door frame, while looking at the back-and-forth argument between the villagers and the bailiffs like she had no relation to them. They didn’t understand anything, so it’d be useless even if they went in. They might as well just pray for that Prime Minister Lou so that he’s an unrivaled wise genius who can solve cases even better than the gods.

Yawning, Zhuo Qing turned around and headed out. She was extremely tired, ever since she mysteriously arrived at this place, she never got a good night’s sleep. She wanted to find a place to get a good rest first, then think about what she should do next.

One foot just stepped outside the door sill, when a man’s spring water like cold clear raw voice sounded out: “Let them come in.”

The person who came was Prime Minister Lou’s personal guard. The bailiffs looked each other in the eyes, but didn’t dare to obstruct any further and immediately took back their long sticks. The villagers followed along with Mrs. Lin and rushed inside together.

Hearing a very pleasant-sounding voice, Zhuo Qing turned around curiously. A white flash of a shadow impressively appeared beside the side door. He was probably one of Lou Xi Yan’s guards; slightly narrowing her eyes, Zhuo Qing secretly sized him up.

He was approximately 190cm tall, and had snow white skin which was well matched with his dark brown hair. His facial features were distinct, and his azure eyes resembled translucent colored glass. Looking at his overall appearance, he can definitely be regarded as a top quality mixed blood beauty. But his most special trait weren’t these and is actually the fact that he doesn’t show many expressions on his face. He gives off the impression of not being grim and unfeeling but he wasn’t gentle and soft either, giving off a distant aura. She didn’t really like him, but she still had to admit, he was very charming!

That man suddenly walked towards her direction. Zhuo Qing pulled down the brim of her hat and waited for him to pass by, but he stopped beside her instead. An indifferent voice calmly stated: “Let’s go.”

“To where?” Zhuo Qing played dumb.

“I don’t mind making a move if I have to.” Along with his cold and detached reply, his pale hand tightly grabbed onto Zhuo Qing’s arm.

“Stop! I can walk myself.” That hurts so much, why use so much strength!

His pale hand slowly let go, and without saying a word he walked ahead.

Zhuo Qing rolled her eyes, so no matter what era the bodyguards are from all of them have a need to put on a display of oppressiveness!

She very unwillingly followed him into the jail cell. When she passed by him, Zhuo Qing coldly hmphed and said: “Considering that you have a pair of beautiful eyes, I won’t bother to argue with you this time.” Otherwise…..she always did had a bad habit of holding grudges!

Mo Bai froze, beautiful? Because of his eyes, he had been abandoned by his family, and everyone called him a demon. He doesn’t have any relatives, nor any friends, and furthermore no one was even willing to or dared to look straight into his eyes. With these kind of eyes, he says they’re beautiful!?

A sneer flashed across his eyes, however his pale face was still as indifferent as always.

。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 After many twists and turns in the prison, Zhuo Qing finally arrived at Lin Bo Kang’s jail cell.

Zhuo Qing immediately began observing the surrounding environment. The jail cell just happens to be in the inner most part of the entire prison, the bailiffs who take turns with shifts don’t come here, in fact they can’t even see this cell at all. Furthermore it’s unknown if this is just a coincidence or done on purpose, but the few other cells nearby this jail cell are all empty, in other words, there are basically no eye-witnesses to anything that happens in this jail cell.

The gate to the jail cell was jam-packed with people since earlier, Zhuo Qing stood at the very back, but she was still able the corpse which was still suspended high up on the ceiling.

The deceased’s complexion is light purple, and swelling is very obvious. There is also some scattered dots of blood on the skin of his face, the reason of death should be by suffocation, but looking downwards on the body….Zhuo Qing’s brows unconsciously knit together.

“Paying my respects to Prime Minister-daren!” A man’s voice suddenly sounded out from behind.

Zhuo Qing turned around and looked. It was a thirty plus year old middle aged man who had hurriedly rushed here, directly facing Lou Xi Yan while cupping his hands to greet him.

“Who are you?” He asked the middle aged man, although Lou Xi Yan’s eyes however had stopped on Zhuo Qing; just now the gaze he had while he was staring at the corpse was completely focused and sharp.

Jing Sa had investigated for the entire night last night, Niu Jia Village never had a disfigured youngster to begin with. Just who on earth was he, and was it his idea to kidnap Qing Feng, also what are his intentions? Lou Xi Yan was very interested in knowing everything and anything pertaining to him!

The middle aged man respectfully replied: “This Lowly Person is Wang Bing Sheng, one of Ying Tian Governmental Office’s coroners. I have been examining corpses for over ten years.”

Coroner? Which is also the ancient times’ forensic investigator then. Mentioning autopsies, his face gained confidence and even went as far as to having somewhat of a responsible expression.

Zhuo Qing had been agitated for the entire day but her mood finally became a bit better, she really wanted to take a good look at how they examined corpses.

“Good, then go ahead and do a thorough examination to find out whether it was suicide or a homicide.”

He only focused on the details of the case, and didn’t focus on the person at all. If it really was homicide, then the implications this case will bring are definitely not small at all. If someone was able to commit murder in Ying Tian Governmental Office’s prison, how can they be just a simple person.


Wang Bing Sheng entered the jail cell. The bailiffs had already brought down the corpse earlier. His appearance was practically indistinguishable due to the light purple face in addition to the swelling.

The rigid body stiffly laid on the ground. Mrs. Lin* immediately collapsed from shock, and became paralyzed on the ground: “My husband…”

“Careful madam!” The villagers helped her up and then took her to retreat to the side.

Zhuo Qing took advantage of the situation to get closer to the jail cell.

She only saw the coroner lifting up the corpse’s head, inspecting the strap marks, then went on to take a look at the deceased’s hands and feet.

From the beginning to the end it only took less than five minutes, then he stood up, walked to face Lou Xi Yan, and reported: “Reporting to Prime Minister-daren, the corpse’s complexion is redish-purple, both hands and feet are perpendicularly pointing downwards, also there are some kind of burn marks on his feet. The light purple strap mark on his neck had stretched up the areas behind the left ear to the area behind the right ear, so from these we can see that he had died from committing suicide by hanging, and the object he used to hang himself up with was his belt.”

Suicide? Lou Xi Yan muttered to himself, then asked again: “When was the time of death?”

After hesitating for a moment, Wang Bing Sheng replied: “Probably about, four hours ago.”

That can’t be right!

Just by looking at the livor mortis, you can see that the deceased had been dead for at least ten hours and above! But since she stood outside the jail cell, and was too faraway from the corpse, Zhuo Qing was unable to determine the deceased’s cause of death. Besides, if she had rashly spoken aloud, it might create trouble for herself instead.

Looking in the direction of the Lou Xi Yan who was focused on looking at the corpse, Zhuo Qing decided, she’ll first throw a brick to attract a jade*!

“How strange!” Zhuo Qing purposely feigned astonishment and shouted out: “What a good life this person has, he was given a chance to freshen up nicely before committing suicide, he even changed into some new clothing and shoes. But what’s strange is, he had changed into new clothing and shoes, but he didn’t comb up his hair!”
– *Da ge (大哥): A little honorific(?) referring to young men as a polite way to call them OR “older/oldest brother” when someone says it to their friend or older brother. If I had to compare it to something, it’d be ‘onii-san’ in Japanese. There is a third way which is to refer to their boss in a more friendly way but still respecting them (like in a mafia or something). Madame Lin uses the first case to refer to the bailiffs in this case.

– *Mrs. Lin: Note, I don’t know why the author typed Mrs. Wang in the original text, but I think that was just a typo since even in the previous chapter her maiden name was never revealed then suddenly came in the Wang Bing Sheng coroner, so it’s probably just a mix up with the new character. Not 100% sure, but I’m 99.8% positive she meant to write Lin and not Wang. Not to mention it’s never mentioned again and the nest time she’s called, they call her Mrs.Lin.

– *Throw a brick to attract a jade (拋磚引玉): An idiom, meaning “to offer some humble remarks and asking for his valued opinion on it.” Basically, she’ll bait him with some statements with vague meanings, and lead him to what she wants him to know.


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