Records of Washed Away Injustices: Chapter 009 – Confrontation Upon First Meeting (2)

Sorry, I semi-promised this last week, but due to circumstances (ahem, hunting down some people for a project), it was delayed a bit (still on schedule though). Right, I decided to try and release a chapter about once or twice a week, every Monday and/or Wednesday. So next chapter miiiight be up on Wednesday, if not, probably Monday (maybe Saturday or Sunday).

Anyways I was squealing with their interaction~ I’m completely hardcore shipping the two and when Zhuo Qing couldn’t help but notice him, I smiled so hard!

As per usual, please help report any mistakes found in the comments below, and…happy reading!

(Did I mention I hate translating idioms? Well I have something I hate even more now. Translating Confucianism principles.)
Lou Xi Yan was silent, everyone else didn’t know how to react either. The several hundred people standing by the village entrance was quiet and silent, and there was a strange feeling; the air had changed into a stuffy atmosphere.

Zhuo Qing cast a side glance towards Lou Xi Yan. He was still smiling, his long and narrow eyes lightly rose up, and gazed at her with incomparable “concern and care”, unfortunately no matter how Zhuo Qing looked at it, she felt it wasn’t gentle at all, instead it gave off a feeling which made her entire body go numb!

He was a prime minister, “rumors say” he’s gentle like jade and his manner is extraordinary, he probably shouldn’t be that narrow-minded right?!

Pulling on the edge of the hat, Zhuo Qing quietly retreated back. A true man won’t stand beside a collapsing wall*….who knew that the moment she moved her foot, a boom from a sudden clap of thunder along with dazzling lightning striking down appeared.

It was originally just breezes of gentle spring winds but then suddenly everything abruptly changed, the wind blew all vegetation up in the air.

Zhuo Qing recieved a sudden fright, and raised her head up to look at the sky, she could only see an ink black horizon which was already being filled with rising winds and scudding clouds*.

Zhuo Qing was stunned: “No way!” She didn’t say anything that was of treason and heresy nor something god-forbidden* right! Nothing to go as far as to deserving this kind of lightning-flashing-thunder-rolling-wild-wind treatment right?!

After a few claps of thunder came a large downpour of rain.

“It’s raining—-” The sudden rainstorm unintentionally made the people forget everything and ended up making a huge mess.

Zhuo Qing hurriedly took advantage of the mess and retreated, but her hand suddenly began to hurt. Her wrist was tightly grabbed by a big clean and slender hand. Zhuo Qing looked up, it was Lou Xi Yan!

Under the rainstorm, everyone looked very savage-like, all except him who still had a free and unconstrained appearance. Blocked by the thick mist from the rain, his appearance was nearly impossible to be seen clearly, but Zhuo Qing was still able to feel that intense stare directed at her from that pair of thin and slender pupils.

The rain was getting more and more heavy, Wu Si shouted out in a loud voice: “Prime Minister-daren, please come this way to the ancestral hall to avoid the rain!”

Lou Xi Yan smiled and nodded, pulling along Zhuo Qing from the side of the village entrance to the ancestral hall.

After a few attempts of Zhuo Qing using all her strength to struggle she gave up. From his refined thin and weak appearance, his strength was unexpectedly strong. Unless she didn’t want that hand anymore, she shouldn’t even think of escaping!

The corners of Lou Xi Yan’s mouth unconsciously lightly lifted up after he turned back to see the youngster only struggle for a few times before silently following behind him.

The so-called ancestral hall was really only a large mud constructed house. There were a few sacrificial offering tables, and a few nearly almost all burnt up joss stick and candles. The four walls were almost completely broken, and rain drops from time to time would leak through from the cracks of the roof tiles.

This place was originally a very small place, but then came a large group of people, making it look exceptionally crowded. Fortunately Lou Xi Yan’s “Hei Bai Wu Chang*” like bodyguards were standing there, so the villagers also didn’t dare to squeeze through, they could only rest beside a corner of the sacrificial table.

Zhuo Qing was very unaccustomed to having her hand grabbed on by someone, so being unable to bear it she swung away her arm. Zhuo Qing impatiently said: “Prime Minister-daren, you can let go of my hand now right?!”

Once Lou Xi Yan who was originally prepared to let go of her hand heard his voice filled with dislike and avoidance, he contrarily used more strength to grasp onto his wrist, and said with his usual gentle voice: “You asked for someone else’s name, but you didn’t report your own name, isn’t that a bit lacking in some manners.”

Tss~ It really hurts!!

This person is too evil! Her hand was practically going to break! Zhuo Qing stubbornly bit down on her teeth tightly*, not uttering a word, nor giving an answer.

Feeling the wrist which was uncontrollably trembling in his hand, Lou Xi Yan loosened his grip. This youngster’s hand was too slender, he was also genuinely afraid that if he wasn’t careful he might break snap off his hand.

Letting go of his hand, Lou Xi Yan indifferently asked: “Your name.”

His clear cold voice quietly sounded out, fading out like the low chord of an instrument.

Zhuo Qing lifted up her head slightly and looked at Lou Xi Yan, looking at his facial features up close he was even more handsome. The him as of this moment wasn’t smiling, but without his smile was a contrasting side; his long and narrow eyes, his raised small thin lips, faintly showed a nefarious and unrestrained charm.

Zhuo Qing was entranced, but suddenly she noticed a faint flash of amazement flashed across Lou Xi Yan’s eyes.

Her face! Zhuo Qing hurriedly lowered her head, but Lou Xi Yan grabbed onto her chin, and slowly turned her face back around. A timely flash of lightning flashed across, under the white light, two deep scars grandly covered the clean and white cheek, nearly shadowing her complexion.

Lou Xi Yan’s expression slightly shifted, who was so fierce to leave behind these malevolent marks on a youngster’s face.

Zhuo Qing was unable to lower her head, she was only able to pull on the ragged hat on her head, making it so the other side of her face was tightly and fully covered up. Lifting up her foot towards Lou Xi Yan she ruthlessly stepped down.

“Humph!~” Lou Xi Yan made a smothered groaning sound, and while he was somewhat distracted, Zhuo Qing hurriedly took advantage of the situation and slapped away his hand, then retreated a good few steps back.

Getting away from him a bit, the feeling of oppression she felt finally lessened.

Grabbing onto the hat, she covered up her face, then Zhuo Qing pretended to be surprised and said: “Did I step on you? I’m sorry Prime Minister-daren, it was too dark, so I couldn’t see.”

At this time she missed her three-inch heels more than anything.

Couldn’t see?! Could he be anymore fake!

Seeing the injury on his face, Lou Xi Yan who had stretched out his hand paused, but he ultimately put it down.

Lou Xi Yan didn’t go forward again. Zhuo Qing finally let out a breath of relief, but then she heard the Qi Tian Yu who was currently interrogating Wu Si: “You wanted to see the Prime Minister, now he’s here, so you should also hand over the little beauty you snatched away right!”

Wu Si scratched his head, his face was covered with an expression of not knowing what to do. Miss Zhuo Qing said they couldn’t tell them, now what should he do?

“Where is she?!” Having seen through Wu Si’s well-behaved nature, Qi Tian Yu interrogatively asked: “You people didn’t kill her right?”

Shaking his head repeatedly, Wu Si hurriedly said: “No no no……absolutely not!!”


Wu Si loudly shouted out: “How is that possible!”

“Then where is she?!”

She…… The villagers once again looked for her figure in the ancestral hall.

SHIT!* Zhuo Qing silently cursed. Here we go again!

Bang! Only a loud sound was heard, Zhuo Qing ferociously smacked down on the sacrificial table.

The originally worn-out sacrificial table was unable to bear it as it swayed back and after a few swings it unexpectedly…..collapsed with a bang…..all the villagers stared at Zhuo Qing with alarm. Lou Xi Yan lightly raised up his brow, what is he playing at now?

Good, now everyone was staring at her, Lou Xi Yan probably wouldn’t find out now.

The person these idiotic villagers were trying to find just now was her! She achieved her goal, but….it hurt so much——@$,$ &@,

Slowly taking back her hand, she hid it behind her back and lightly rubbed it. Zhuo Qing sucked in a deep breath, and with a clear voice she replied: “She’s alive and well, you can feel reassured Prime Minister, we will look after her with great care in your place. After the public hearing of the case is over, Prime Minister will naturally be able to see her.”

“So you mean to say, if this case won’t open for a public hearing, we’ll never get to see the little beauty?!”

Glancing at the scattered and smashed pieces of wood on the ground, Qi Tian Yu with a look of watching a good show, clicked his tongue then smiled and said: “Prime Minister-daren, someone’s intimidating you.”

Who was this person?!

Motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos*, Zhuo Qing secretly clenched her teeth, and replied with a cold voice: “This gongzi has misunderstood me, I would never do something without any practical results like intimidating someone.”

What a heavy tone of voice! Qi Tian Yu began to make a long whistle, this guy really is interesting~

Feigning alarm while shaking his head, Qi Tian Yu exaggeratedly shouted: “If you’re not intimidating, then you must be trying to threaten huh? Coercing a court official is a very serious crime!”

“You!” Zhuo Qing’s anger peaked!

Lou Xi Yan suddenly began to laugh aloud, and with a serious voice he said: “Tomorrow at noon, this official will review this case’s files at Ying Tian Governmental Office and inquire about the details of the case. I will allow ten people from Niu Jia Village to watch the trial. Whether this case will be re-investigated or not, this official will make a decision after examining the files and meeting the convict!”

“Many thanks to Prime Minister-daren!”

Once the villagers heard this piece of good news, they immediately knelt down to thank him for this favor, only Zhuo Qing alone was staring at Lou Xi Yan as if she was in thought. Anything this man does always seems to make others not know of how to make any sense of the matters.

Seeing the rain gradually lighten up, Lou Xi Yan didn’t speak anymore, and prepared to leave.

Qi Tian Yu caught up to Lou Xi Yan, frowned and asked: “You really don’t want the little beauty?”

His gaze swept past Zhuo Qing, Lou Xi Yan indifferently smiled and said: “Let’s just have him take care of her in my place.”

Zhuo Qing’s body couldn’t help but stiffen up, his smile always made people feel absolutely horrified!

Walking to the entrance of the ancestral hall, Lou Xi Yan suddenly stopped in his tracks again, turned around and looked at Zhuo Qing, then said: “You, you must appear tomorrow.”

“Why?” What did this have to do with her?

“If you don’t appear, these people don’t need to come either.”

Spitting out those words Lou Xi Yan and his party of people rapidly disappeared into the drizzling rain.

“Hey—-” Zhuo Qing was speechless, who was intimidating who here—-!!
– *A true man won’t stand beside a collapsing wall (君子不立危牆之下): A Confucianism principle taught by Kongzi. To summarize, it just basically means people must know to stay away from danger and when to get away from danger (or something like that.) Honestly, I got really annoyed reading about Confucianism philosophy, since I’m not a fan at all.

– *Rising winds and scudding clouds (風起雲湧): Idiom which means “turbulent times, violent development”. Very perfect double-meaning idiom to describe this situation~

– *Treason and heresy nor something god-forbidden (大逆不道、天理不容): I thought I just had to explain why I need to explain this. It’s funny because of the timing of her words and then Lou Xi Yan’s anger. Right when she said those words, everything completely changed, making it seem like Lou Xi Yan’s doing. LOL. If you re-read it again, everything about the changes of atmosphere had a double meaning.

– *Hei Bai Wu Chang (黑白無常): The literal English translation would be “Black and White Impermanence”. Usually mentioned in folklore, they’re two deities who are in charge of escorting spirits to the underworld, and also like their name, one’s dressed in black and the other white. Furthermore, one is short and the other is tall, and they’re chained together at the ankle and are in charge of rewarding the good spirits and punishing the bad ones. More info here.

– *Bit down on her teeth tightly (咬緊牙關): Idiom meaning “to bite down on one’s teeth and endure the pain” or “to bite the bullet”. In context, it means she endured the pain.

– *SHIT!: I just thought it’d be interesting to note she actually said this in english, the exact wording, word for word. Haha. It’d be so funny if she said it aloud though.


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  1. Thank you! I kind of like this prime minister, he seems much better than the general (from the youngest sister’s story).
    I liked their interactions too, lol it’s like these two love annoying/angering the other!
    Somehow makes me think of opposite poles of a magnet..


    • Haha, nope. He hasn’t seen her face yet, and he hasn’t ever met the real Qing Ling either, so he only thinks “he” is no normal villager. (And eventually a very impressive but suspicious youngster).


  2. You know I re-read the first meeting of Qing Mo and Su Ling. Then compared their meeting to this one and was like…. Su Ling – you are a total a$$h*le. How is Qing Mo able to be so patient with you? I’m rooting for the second male lead. Whoever he is.


  3. Yay! Thank you for taking this up, I really wanted to read more of this story! Prime minister really has an interest in her, despite thinking she’s a male lol. Why do I see the BL flag waving at me?? >o<""


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