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Records of Washed Away Injustices: Chapter 015 – Criminals & Prison Division (2)

Finally the end of this arc! Next is Lou Xi Yan’s manor + developments between Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing!!

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Just as she was unbridledly yawning away, Shan Yu Lan already walked through the jail cell door, coming straight towards her: “What you said is indeed the truth, and not even a word was incorrect. What is your name? Where are you from? Who is your master?”

In reality way before this youngster began reprimanding Wang Bing Sheng he had already arrived. The reason he stayed completely silent, is because he wanted to know, how much did this youngster understand about autopsies. He unexpectedly didn’t let him down at all, this youngster’s understanding towards livor mortis far exceeds any regular coroner.

Shan Yu Lan knew his questioning was rude, but he was eager to know this grey robed youngster’s identity, especially who his master is, just what kind of person is able to teach out such a disciple.

The corners of Zhuo Qing’s lips froze on the spot, this person’s questioning is too blunt!!

Awkwardly putting down the hand which covered her lips, Zhuo Qing’s ice cold voice had an obvious hint of waning interest, and replied: “Ti Xing Si-daren*, I think you’ve got something wrong. I am not your servant, and even more so not a criminal. You have the right to question me, but whether or not I answer you depends on my mood.”

Shan Yu Lan didn’t expect him to reply like this, and went blanked for a split second. The smile on the corners of Lou Xi Yan’s lips however become more and more intense.

It looks like doing whatever he wants and being absolutely unrestrained is his natural personality, looking back, he was actually already being quite polite to him last night!

“How impudent!” Afraid that Shan Yu Lan would get angry, Wu Zhi Gang hastily berated: “Ti Xing Si-daren is asking you something, you dare to not answer him?!”

Crossing her arms, Zhuo Qing was unexpectedly not angry, and instead with a mocking sort of smile she said: “I’m talking with Criminals & Prison-daren, you dare to interrupt?!”

“You—-” This this this is simply just a mutiny!! Wu Zhi Gang was so angry he was practically breathing out smoke, his face was flushed red, and his chest was violently moving up and down. His finger was pointed at Zhuo Qing while trembling uncontrollably, he repeated the ‘you’ word for a long time but still couldn’t spit out the next few words.

Zhuo Qing was slightly startled, is he alright, she didn’t seem to have said anything yet! He wouldn’t happen to have gotten a stroke right…..These ancients peoples ability to deflect such mental attacks are a bit weak no!

Zhuo Qing was genuinely afraid he would faint, good thing two bailiffs had just brought in a middle-aged man, breaking the awkwardness in the room.

“DaRen, Li Ming has been brought here.”

Regarding Zhuo Qing’s lack of manners, Shan-TiXing had restrained the emotions within himself, and Prime Minister Lou was calm and unruffled. Wu Zhi Gang was angered util he only had half a life left but couldn’t vent his anger anywhere so he could only violently bellow towards Li Ming: “Li Ming, Lin Bo Kang had been murdered by someone last night, and you happen to be the only one who’s seen Lin Bo Kang last night. What did you see at that time, were you the one who killed him!!”

Li Ming hurriedly kneeled down, and lowered his head. His voice was somewhat trembling, but his reasoning was extremely clear: “DaRen I have been wronged! This-Lowly-Person is the Lin family’s housekeeper, Master has been in the prison for a good few months already, and went through much pain. I only came to deliver some clothing for Master. At that time Master was in a very bad mood, so This-Lowly-Person didn’t dare to stay too long, and only said a few words, then put down the clothing and left. This-Lowly-Person only stayed in the jail cell for less than a-burning-stick-of-incense’s time. At that time it was raining very heavily, the trees outside the prison had been blown over, and This-Lowly-Person even helped the bailiffs move the trees.”

This Li Ming’s stature is a bit more robust than the deceased’s. Fundamentally it is possible for him to have choked him until he loses unconsciousness then hang him up on the ceiling, while in accordance with the time of death, Li Ming is also the most suspicious, however there isn’t any actual evidence. Speculating the details of cases have always been Gu Yun’s strong point, she was only in charge of autopsies.

Stealthily taking a few steps back, Zhuo Qing retreated to outside the door of the prison, lazily leaned against the stone wall, and started to yawn endlessly. There shouldn’t be any of her business now……

“What do you have to say about this, you claim to have came here to deliver clothing, in that case did Lin Bo Kang change into his new shoes and clothing right in front of you?”

Slightly raising his head and looking at the simply dressed Shan Yu Lan, Li Ming then lowered his head again, and quietly replied: “No.”

His voice was gentle, but it brought along a stifling oppressive feeling. Shan Yu Lan continued to ask: “Besides delivering clothing to him, what else did you help him do?”

This time Li Ming didn’t ponder for too long, and replied: “This-Lowly-Person only gave the clothing to Master, said a few words then left.”

Shan Yu Lan suddenly walked inside the jail cell, towards the right side of the bed. On the simple and crude wooden planks, rice straw was messily spread over it.

Shan Yu Lan raised his hand, and gently picked up a few strands of rice straw from the bedside, a vague footprint shockingly appeared: “On the side of the deceased’s bed, there was a footprint covered in mud, however, the deceased is wearing a brand new pair of shoes, and even if it were his old shoes, the deceased has been in this jail cell for a few months and hasn’t gone out since, it wouldn’t get that dirty. Coincidentally it just so happens it was raining heavily last night, only you have entered the deceased’s jail cell within that period of time. This shoe print is from when you had hung up the corpse, am I right?”

Zhuo Qing slightly squinted her eyes and looked over there. She couldn’t see the footprint all that clearly, and hidden among rice straw, it was even harder to discover. Shan Yu Lan had only been outside of the door to the prison for most of this time right, he actually noticed that, what an attentive and sharp person!

Li Ming received a shock which jolted him from head to toe, then very vaguely he said: “No no……”

Wu Zhi Gang impatiently shouted out: “Take off his shoe to verify!”

Two bailiffs immediately followed his order, and rapidly took off Li Ming’s shoes. After comparing, they replied: “DaRen, Li Ming’s shoe and that shoe print are identical.”

Recieving a confirmation, Wu Zhi Gang’s flames of anger became even more rampant: “It really is you!! Li Ming how dare you!”

Zhuo Qing snorted disdainfully. This at the most can only prove Li Ming had stepped onto the wooden plank at that time, it’s only a complementary piece of evidence, you can’t convict him just because of this right!

Li Ming was trembling like a fallen leaf in the air since long ago. He immediately bent down on the floor, and begged: “I……DaRen, This-Lowly-Person was only….This-Lowly-Person only made a split moment’s mistake, I didn’t mean to harm Master!”

He admitted guilty already? Zhuo Qing felt something wasn’t right for some reason, but couldn’t point out what the exact problem was!

A spark flashed across Lou Xi Yan’s eyes, but it had faded away very quickly.

“From the beginning to the end you had been in the prison for only less than a-burning-stick-of-incense’s time. To murder someone, change their clothes, forge the imagery of suicide; you took care of everything down to the last detail, you still dare to say it was only a split moment’s mistake! Unless, you’re still hiding something! Explain yourself!”

His slightly elevated voice, his firm and persistent eyes, Shan Yu Lan was surrounded by an aura of righteousness. Not mentioning that Li Ming was so scared he was shivering with coldness, even Zhuo Qing had been shaken up.

Li Ming’s eyes were swiftly moving around, extremely alarmed, but was only incessantly begging: “DaRen please spare my life, DaRen please spare my life!”

If Li Ming really did plan out such a meticulous plan to murder someone, then he must be a calm and cold-blooded person, how can he be so frenetic like this right now. He’s the Lin family’s housekeeper, he shouldn’t have any deep hatred or animosity towards Lin Bo Kang, just what is his motive for murdering him?

“Li Ming! You ungrateful traitorous thing, when my husband was still alive he treated you with such kindness!!”

Mrs. Lin couldn’t hold back her resentfulness, she didn’t even think of it, the person who murdered her husband would actually be the housekeeper who’s followed him for so many years!!

The villagers also wished they could beat this ungrateful traitorous scoundrel to death.

For a moment the prison was filled with chaos.

Shan Yu Lan made some swift decisions, and said with a clear voice: “Imprison this person! Wait until This-Official checks over Lin Bo Kang’s record file, then I’ll re-do the hearing! Right or wrong, crooked or straight, that will all be naturally concluded.”

“Yes.” The bailiffs immediately brought Li Ming into a jail cell to the side. Mrs. Lin and the villagers were also lead out of the prison by the bailiffs.

Lou Xi Yan lightly clapped, the corner of his mouth was raised like before, he smiled and said: “Both the civil and military wings of the court have said that Shan-TiXing’s hearings are very well orderly, and your judgement on cases are swift and decisive. Having witnessed it today, you deserve your famous reputation as expected.”

“Prime Minister Lou has over-praised me.”

Still with that tranquil expression, Lou Xi Yan was already accustomed to it. The two walked out of the prison side by side.

Wu Si saw that Lou Xi Yan had come out, so he immediately went up to him, filled with extreme gratefulness he said: “Prime Minister-daren, thank you for helping us. Please don’t worry, we were the ones in the wrong to have kidnapped Miss, but we have absolutely not make things difficult for Miss. Miss is a kind person too, she even helped us write the indictment, and did an autopsy on our benefactor just now too, Miss……”

“Wait!” Lou Xi Yan’s eternally smiling face stiffened: “Did you just say the youngster who did the autopsy just now was Qing Feng!!”

Qing Feng? That youngster is actually a female? Shan Yu Lan looked at Lou Xi Yan, seeing that his face was filled with shock, this Qing Feng is rather remarkable. A person who can make Prime Minister Lou expose such an annoyed expression, not many can do that!

What Qing Feng? Wasn’t she called Zhuo Qing?! Wu Si was at a loss, and unconsciously raised his head to look for Zhuo Qing, but not even her shadow was found anywhere within the prison. “Hm? Where did she go?”
– Ti Xing Si-daren: As I explained in the last chapter, this is basically Criminals & Prison-daren. I was initially going to use the latter but you see, it just sounded so wrong. Please tell me if you prefer the completely translated version or this transliterated version~

Records of Washed Away Injustices: Chapter 014 – Criminals & Prison Division (1)

Not much to say except…more to come!

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“Last night?!” Wu Zhi Gang’s originally already not very large small eyes widened in anger, and viciously glared at the fidgety Wang Bing Sheng standing by the side, and scolded: “What do you have to say for yourself, just what is this?! You can’t even clearly identify the time of death, what kind of coroner are you!”

“The corpse….” Even Wang Bing Sheng’s voice was slightly shivering. He looked at Zhuo Qing very carefully, only after seeing that she kept silent did he reply in a small voice: “For the corpse to have these kinds of burn-mark like stripes to appear, and for it to have began to stiffen, that proves that the deceased had died not very long ago….”

Zhuo Qing slowly raised up her head, Wang Bing Sheng immediately didn’t dare to continue talking on.

When he saw the bruises on the deceased’s back just a while ago he really was so ashamed he couldn’t even show his face anymore. It’s all because he was too self-confident, thus resulting in him overlooking such an important point. This suspicious youngster didn’t say anything wrong, he was indeed shameful.

Wang Bing Sheng stammered and stammered but couldn’t say anything, Zhuo Qing coldly said: “You, come over here.”

What did he want to do?! Wang Bing Sheng was startled, considering whether or not he should go up.

Seeing that he was still standing there with a highly guarded expression, Zhuo Qing impatiently shouted: “Get over here!”

What was he dillydallying around for, it’s not like she’s going eat him whole!

Wang Bing Sheng swallowed down his saliva, and still very slowly walked towards Zhuo Qing’s back. He himself didn’t know what was going on with himself either, he’s already this old, but when facing this youngster who’s bundled up so tightly, he always feels unconfident for some reason.

Lou Xi Yan’s hands were crossed behind his back, and his forefinger was lightly tapping in a rhythmical beat. On his face was the same gentle elegant light smile, but his eyes which were attentively watching Zhuo Qing were exceptionally bright.

Crouching down beside the deceased’s feet, Zhuo Qing calmly began to explain: “These stripes which appear after death are called livor mortis. Under normal circumstances, two hours after death…”

No, the unit of measurement for time here is that what-do-you-call-it…shi-chen* right? How troublesome.

After inwardly converting it all, Zhuo Qing continued to say: “After two shichen it will begin to appear, and after three to four shichen it will become very distinct and easily visible. At this time if you press down on the livor mortis marks the color of it will lighten up or even disappear, and if you let go again the livor mortis marks will reappear again. Six shichen after death, the livor mortis marks will connect together and become a whole patch, the color will become darker. If you press down on the livor mortis marks at this time it will not completely fade away, and the color of it will only slightly lighten up, and if you stop applying pressure the speed in which the livor mortis marks reverts back to it’s original color will also be slower. Twelve shichen afterwards, if you use your fingers to press down on the livor mortis marks it won’t change shades, and it won’t disappear either.”

Wang Bing Sheng listened very seriously, but his eyebrows however were frowning more and more.

Don’t believe me? Zhuo Qing pointed towards the livor mortis marks, and said: “You, press down on it.”

Wang Bing Sheng nodded, he too wholeheartedly wanted to confirm it too. With his forefinger he used some strength and pressed down on the livor mortis marks, after letting go the stripes had somewhat faded, and then after a short while it slowly recovered back it’s original color.

According to what he just said, then the deceased had indeed passed away six shichen ago.

Wu Zhi Gang anxiously said: “Wang Bing Sheng, is what he said true?!”

If it really is true, Li Ming would be the most suspicious person!

“This….” Wang Bing Sheng hesitated, and glanced at the youngster beside him, however he still reported back the truth: “I don’t know. I only know that once a corpse reaches one to two shichen afterwards these stripes will appear, and the long it passes after the time of death, the streaks become deeper in color, as to what he said, I…..am not really sure.”

When he says it aloud he truly is ashamed, he really didn’t know that it was possible to accurately determine the time of death just from looking at these stripes. If he had said this at the beginning he definitely would’ve have just denied this youngster’s words, but after listening to him for a while, this youngster’s speech is certain and irrefutable, he truly doesn’t dare to rashly make a conclusion.

Wang Bing Sheng’s one phrase of I don’t know made Wu Zhi Gang get extremely angry, and shouted: “Then how is This-Official supposed to know whether what he said is the truth or just random nonsense?”

Lightly making a cough, and side glancing at Zhuo Qing, Wu Zhi Gang asked in a loud voice: “How can you prove what you said is the truth?!”

Since the very beginning he had thought this youngster was suspicious, but for the sake of Prime Minister Lou’s honor and reputation he had held back.

Very nice, the answer to this question is —- I can’t!

Based on this time period’s settings, how can she prove that what she said is completely based on scientific research? Unless she has to tell them she has a master’s degree in X medical science, a young chief forensic investigator, and published many academic papers before….or should she do a live demonstration of a corpse dissection. If she did that Mrs. Lin would probably pounce onto her and rip her into shreds!

Zhuo Qing laughed at herself and lightly slapped the back of her head. What was she doing gathering around and joining in with these ancient times peoples?!

Leaning back on the jail cell’s ice cold rock wall, Zhuo Qing indifferently replied: “What I said was the truth, however I don’t know what kind of method I should use to prove myself in a way which you can all understand.”

“Meaning, you still cannot prove yourself!” Wu Zhi Gang was just going to make things difficult for her, but then remembered that this youngster and Prime Minister Lou seemed to have a rather good relationship. Caution is the parent of safety* after all. Turning around and looked towards Lou Xi Yan with clasped hands, he softly asked: “Prime Minister Lou what do you think….?”

He believed that what this youngster said is the truth, so he must have a learned from a famous teacher. His master, he must be someone renowned and prestigious. He can prove what he said is the truth if he had just announced his master’s name. He doesn’t mention it, so there can be only one reason for that; he doesn’t wish to reveal his identity!

Doesn’t he know that the more secretive he his, the more it makes others pry? Luckily he isn’t someone’s impatient! He lightly raising up the corners of his lips. Just as Lou Xi Yan was about to say something, a clear and raw but firm and persistent voice suddenly rang out: “What he said is indeed the truth.”

Everyone looked towards the source of the voice, Zhuo Qing slightly lifted up the edge of her hat. She could only see a man who’s a little over thirty standing outside the prison. It seems he’s been here for a while already.

He seems to be quite tall, nearly the same as Lou Xi Yan, though Lou Xi Yan appears more thinly. He isn’t as handsome as Lou Xi Yan, but he has a pair of deep and resolute eyes, unlike Lou Xi Yan, whose slender eyes always seem to be smiling making it so others can never really tell what he’s thinking. That person is wearing a simple and practical deep blue changpao*, and looking at him he seems to look somewhat travel-worn, like he had hurriedly rushed over her from some other place. Though he doesn’t exactly look like he’s distressed, however he still looks a bit sloppy. Unlike Lou Xi Yan, who always appears calm, and his clothes are always bright and neat!! Plus……wait a minute, why is she constantly using Lou Xi Yan to compare?! She must have gone mad….Zhuo Qing had yet to understand why she was acting so out of character, when Wu Zhi Gang and the other bailiffs called out together in unison: “Ti Xing Si-daren!!”

Criminals & Prison Division?! Zhuo Qing raised her eyebrows, having more interest towards him.

Anyone who studies forensics knows of Song Ci*. This person has the same official position as Song Ci, though even so does he have the same skills as Song Ci!

Slightly raising his hand towards everyone, then Shan Yu Lan greeted Lou Xi Yan by raising clasped hands, his slightly low voice which didn’t have any dis-respectfulness but was indifferent said: “Prime Minister Lou.”

Lou Xi Yan walked up a step, and amidst his slightly raised eyes there was a thread of ridicule which swept past, then he smiled and said: “Shan-TiXing* came back just in time.”

Not too early nor too late!

Shan Yu Lan didn’t get bothered by his words, and disciplinedly replied: “This was originally This-Lower Official’s responsibility, it’s truly my fault to have inconvenienced you Prime Minister.”

Lou Xi Yan seemed like he was already accustomed to such, and not casually nor seriously smiled in response: “Shan-TiXing’s words are too much, we are both just serving the court after all.”

This is the rumored false greetings among the bureaucrats?! Zhuo Qing was so bored she wanted to yawn. And in reality she actually did yawn too, she was really tired!!

Just as she was unbridledly yawning away, Shan Yu Lan already walked through the jail cell door, coming straight towards her: “What you said is indeed the truth, and not even a word was incorrect. What is your name? Where are you from? Who is your master?”

The corners of Zhuo Qing’s lips froze in position, this person’s questioning is a little too blunt!!
– Shi-chen (时辰): Ancient China’s counter of time; Just multiply whatever hour by 2 to calculate shichen.

– Caution is the parent of safety (小心駛得萬年船): That’s not exactly what I wanted to translate it as but I had no other way to do it properly without being too direct…? I can change it if you think it’s better the other way. This just basically means being cautious leads to a long life (my way of saying it).

– Chang-pao (長袍): Long Chinese styled robe clothing.

– Song Ci (宋慈): (1186-1249) A lawyer from Southern Song, and also the editor of Record of Washed Grievances – not this novel, it’s an actual record of crimes and said to be the world’s first legal forensic text (1247.)

– TiXing (提刑): So you see, I couldn’t think of a translation for the title…Ti Xing is the short form for Criminals & Prison you see, so Official/Director Shan of Criminals & Prison Division isn’t completely correct, nor does it sound good. So therefore I had no choice but to leave it as is. Just keep in mind the meaning when you read it, and it refers to the fact that he’s in charge of the Criminals & Prison Division meaning that once officials like Wang Bing Sheng gives a judgement of guilty to a criminal, they end up in prison and is no long within their jurisdiction, anything after that is up to the Criminals & Prison Division. The full title is Ti Dian Xing Yu Si (提點刑獄司), and according to wikipedia, it’s apparently an official’s position specifically from the Song Dynasty (does not apply to story), and this position is a senior official position of the Criminal Prison Division, only appointed specially by the Royal Court, and the position changes around every three years (may or may not apply with the story). This position is a “path”position among the judicial system, meaning you have to have the proper qualifications to be selected aka very excellent and knowledgeable. They mainly control all penalties and things within the prison no matter it be of a province’s prison, or governmental prison, or even the military prison. They authorize the death penalty and etc punishments, as well as having the authority over other officials and their subordinates + supervises and can exert control over these county officials of this certain path (the judicial path).
If anyone has any suggestions for a better title, please do suggest something, thanks!

Records of Washed Away Injustices: Chapter 013 – Autopsy (3)

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Evidence? Zhuo Qing laughed mockingly, then suddenly got up: “I’ll let him tell you all where the evidence is!”

Him? Everyone looked towards where Zhuo Qing was gazing at. It was precisely the already rigid Lin Bo Kang who was lying on the ground. It was undoubtedly just a corpse, how was he supposed to tell them where the evidence was?! Everyone in the crowd gasped, and couldn’t help but take a step back, except for the peaceful Lou Xi Yan.

“We’ll talk about the deceased’s cause of death first.” Zhuo Qing pointed towards the corpse’s neck, and said to Mo Bai: “Lift up his neck.”

He really thought he was a servant! Mo Bai inwardly mumbled to himself in his mind, but his hand however had somewhat involuntarily followed Zhuo Qing’s instructions, and lightly propped up Lin Bo Kang’s neck. The neck’s creases smoothed out, and the strap marks on the deceased’s neck could be seen clearly.

“The deceased’s body don’t have any other visible fatal injuries or any signs of being poisoned, and signs of suffocation appear to be clear. The cause of death is indeed because his neck was hung up by his belt, and thus died from suffocation.”

Just when Zhuo Qing said one sentence, Wang Bing Sheng immediately softly scoffed. How was this different from what he just said; deliberately mystifying to make thing unnecessarily complicated!

Not bothering to dispute with him any longer, Zhuo Qing crouched down, and pointed towards the strap marks on the deceased’s neck, and coldly said: “There are two different strap marks on the deceased’s neck. If he had hung himself there is a possibility of two different strap marks appearing. The edges of the strap marks are normally comparatively even, and the tongue bones* and throat bones rarely suffer fractures. However the deceased’s double strap marks are not like this at all. One of them is located below the thyroid cartilage, and parallel to the body. This strap mark is precisely the one the murderer had created when he wrangled the deceased until he lost consciousness. Since the deceased struggled with all his might, therefore the epidermis of the strap area’s groove peeled off, so bleeding had occurred under the skin, making this strap mark deep and distinct, emerging as a dark black. The other strap mark was created when the murderer had hung the deceased up on the ceiling. At this time the deceased had already lost consciousness, so the strap mark is shallow and light. The deceased’s cervical vertebrae bones are very clearly fractured and are protruding out, which is exactly the result of him having been forcefully wrung by a strong and violent twist of a strap around his neck before.”

Lou Xi Yan walked into the prison, and carefully examined the deceased’s neck. It was exactly as Zhuo Qing had said. There were two strap marks; one deep and one shallow, both completely very obvious.

Wu Zhi Gang was extremely unwilling to, but he had no choice other than to resentfully follow along in. Ferociously giving Wang Bing Sheng a glare, Wu Zhi Gang inwardly scolded, this idiot, just who is the coroner here!!

Noticing Wu Zhi Gang’s glare, Wang Bing Sheng suddenly came back to his senses. It’s no wonder that brat was so arrogant a moment ago, so he really did have some skills.

After trying hard to deeply ponder for a few moments, Wang Bing Sheng overbearingly retorted: “If he was strangled to death, the strap marks on the back of the deceased’s neck should have traces of crossing over each other. The back of his neck obviously doesn’t have it! It’s also possible that the different deep and shallow strap marks that appeared on the neck could have been created when he struggled as he was about to die!”

“Take off his upper garment.” Zhuo Qing eventually ended up standing up, facing the Wang Bing Sheng who’s face was covered with provocation, and coldly said: “You have no rights to be a coroner!”

Wang Bing Sheng raged: “What did you say?!” He’s been a coroner at Ying Tian Governmental Office for so many years, did countless autopsies, and this brat thinks that just because he understands some things he can say that he’s unfit!

“As a coroner, you are the only person who can speak what the deceased wants to say, he’s using his body to tell you, how he died! When he died! The experiences he went through as he died! But you, completely ignored it all, and didn’t even carefully examine the corpse’s every injury, every detail, and just arbitrarily made a verdict. Because of your one word, he could have died without anyone knowing the real reason, and the murderer is also permitted to go unfettered and roam away freely!”

She can tolerate a forensic investigator’s skill level being low, since all knowledge and experience can be learned and accumulated. But what she can’t tolerate is, as a forensic investigator, having an undisciplined attitude, doing careless and sloppy work, and even stubbornly retorts and quibbles!

The tranquil and cold voice, sounded out in the prison. Not only was Wang Bing Sheng criticized until both his face and ears reddened, Lou Xi Yan’s heart was also shaken up.

The him now and the him from when he saw him back then were completely different. The him from back then was somewhat cold and arrogant, somewhat crafty, but the him now was firm and persistent, calm and profound. Was he really the teen that he originally thought he was? Lou Xi Yan was uncertain now.

“My husband….” The jail cell instantly became so silent that it was somewhat scary, until a mournful wail sound made everyone’s sense return.

Mo Bai had already taken off Lin Bo Kang’s clothing. There were many deep and shallow injuries of all sizes, some were already healed and closed up, others were recent and had just formed scabs. Even though all weren’t new injuries, but looking at them now, it was just as malevolent as before.

Mrs. Lin nearly threw herself onto the deceased’s body, choking with sobs. Zhuo Qing quietly said: “Wu Si, carry her to the side, to not hinder me.”

“O*!” Wu Si hurriedly went up, and brought Mrs. Lin away to a side.

Miss Zhuo was a little different, but how she was different he couldn’t quite put a finger on it. The words she said always somehow made it hard for people to disobey her.

No longer paying attention to the Wang Bing Sheng who was so ashamed he was unable to show his face by the side, Zhuo Qing once again crouched down, and lightly pushed the deceased’s shoulder to the side. Mo Bai understandingly swiftly helped him turn the deceased over to his side. Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrow; quite clever, very fitting to be an assistant!

“The reason why the lines from the strap on the neck don’t cross over each other because he had been forcefully choked to death by someone with his belt while his back was pushed against a solid object, and so consequently there are physical object marks on the deceased’s back.”

As expected, two purple lines appeared on Lin Bo Kang’s back. The marks didn’t resemble his old scars, these two bruises’ colors were darkened, and the exterior surface of the skin was damaged; the injury was relatively new.

What kind of object made these?! Everyone began looking all over the place to find something similar to the weapon used in the murder. Lou Xi Yan was the first to walk to the jail cell’s door. He crouched down, and began looking for something.

Not understanding what Lou Xi Yan was doing, Wu Zhi Gang compared it for a long time, then finally discovered that the two marks on the deceased’s back, no matter how big or small or thick and narrow, it was the exact same as the wooden poles on jail cell’s door. He called out in surprise: “I found it, it’s the wooden poles on the jail cell door!”

Groping the wooden pole for a moment, the corner of his mouth lightly lifted up, then he slowly got up. He had also found it.

Almost as if she was waiting for him, Zhuo Qing only lifted up the deceased’s finger after he had turned around, and said: “Precisely, the deceased had been choked until he had passed out from outside the door, and because he had struggled with all his strength, there are some remainings of sawdust on his fingertips.”

The two’s eyes met, Zhuo Qing pulled down the tip of the hat, and once again blocked out Lou Xi Yan’s inquiring eyes.

Wu Zhi Gang nodded with a looking of understanding on his face: “If you put it like that, Lin Bo Kang really was murdered!!”

Turning around and glaring at the lowly bailiff, he asked: “Who else had entered the jail cell today?!”

Using his all to think over and over again, the lowly bailiff scowled miserably, and replied: “Other than they ones who came to bring up the criminal just a while ago, there hasn’t been anyone who’s entered the prison.”

“Nonsense!” Wu Zhi Gang harshly scolded: “If no one came in how was he murdered?”

There really hasn’t been anyone! The lowly bailiff wanted to say but couldn’t, and could only lower his head and take on the scolding.

“Because the deceased had already passed away last night!” Zhuo Qing shook her head not being able to stand it anymore. They couldn’t finish listening to her first before re-investigating the case? That kind of custom is really troublesome!

“Last night?”

– *Tongue bone: This is probably the hyphoid right…? I’m not 100% positive since my specialty isn’t biology…I apologize If I’m wrong. Could someone please correct me if they know what it’s talking about? Thanks! I’ll leave it as tongue bones & throat bones since that’s exactly how the author wrote it. Would it be better to use hyphoid and other more proper terms? Please leave a comment on your opinions!

– *O! (哦): May sound like “Oh”, but it’s more like a “Yes!” kind of meaning.

Records of Washed Away Injustices: Chapter 012: Autopsy (2)

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Once Zhuo Qing finished talking, everyone immediately looked towards the corpse.

That’s right. His clothes are clean and neat without a single wrinkle, and his shoes don’t even have a speck of dust on them. In comparison, the carelessly bundled up hair is indeed somewhat messy. Not to mention, how is it possible for a convict who’s been in prison for two months to be wearing a new set of clothing?

Wu Zhi Gang asked in a loud voice: “Who was the bailiff keeping watch last night?”

A lowly bailiff with an average build who was silently standing by the side hurriedly stepped forward, and replied in a low voice: “It was This Lowly Person He Liu Wu.”

“What’s this all about? Why is he changed into a new set of clothing?”

The bailiff timidly replied: “Reporting to DaRen, yesterday night, the Lin family’s housekeeper Li Ming came to visit Lin Bo Kang, saying Lin Bo Kang has been unable to wash up for days, and hoped he could send in a set of clean clothing. Seeing that their master-servant relationship was so deep, and he since he really did bring some clothing, we let him go in. But he only stayed for a burning stick of incense’s time* and then left.”

A burning stick of incense, to murder someone within that amount of time is a bit tight. Lou Xi Yan who kept quiet the entire time asked in a low voice: “After Li Ming left, did any of you go in and check up on him, was Lin Bo Kang still alive or not.”

Although Lou Xi Yan didn’t get angry, the lowly bailiff still didn’t dare to raise his head to look at him. Closing his eyes he urgently described last night’s circumstances: “Replying to Prime Minister Lou, when Li Ming came, it just so happened to be when the rain and wind was at its heaviest. The branches of the big tree outside the prison was snapped in half by the wind, and piled up outside the prison door. We were busy carrying the branches away, then after a while, Li Ming came out, and even helped us move it away, then afterwards he left. At that time our clothes were also drenched, and when we finished changing it was already very late into the night, so no one was patrolling the prison. Until just recently when DaRen wanted to send for the criminal, only then did we find out……” He was dead….

“You idiots!” One of Wu Zhi Gang’s hands slapped onto the lowly bailiff’s official’s cap. These bastards, they went as far as making him look like a fool in front of Prime Minister Lou. If this made Prime Minister Lou think that he was a this kind of prison supervisor, how can he still keep his official’s hat!

Lou Xi Yan never paid attention to his little show in the first place, and asked seriously: “Call for Li Ming.”

Li Ming was the last person to see Lin Bo Kang, he must know something!

“Yes.” The lowly bailiff hurriedly ran out.

Seeing the corpse lay there stiffly on the ground like that made people feel a bit horrified. Wu Zhi Gang hurriedly flatteringly said: “Prime Minister-daren, the autopsy is already completed, and the negative air in the prison is so heavy, so why not rest in the lobby first, as to not let the unluckiness rub off on you.”

Lou Xi Yan turned around, and just happened to look into Zhuo Qing’s eyes who was continuously staring at the corpse without looking away. His foot which had already stepped out of the jail cell stopped again, Lou Xi Yan suddenly asked: “What do you think.”

Asking a youngster this question was a bit ridiculous, but Lou Xi Yan’s intuition told him this youngster would give him a different answer.

“I….” Zhuo Qing hesitated for a moment, however knowing that the deceased’s cause of death was suspicious, but still watched from the side with folded arms violated her job ethics and code of conduct. After secretly sighing, Zhuo Qing replied: “I want to go in and take a look.”

“How impudent!” It was that odd brat again, he was the one who was making a commotion in the court just a while ago, and now he even followed into here. Just when he wanted to throw him out, Lou Xi Yan’s mood suddenly improved and smilingly said: “Let him go in.”

Lou Xi Yan already spoke, so no matter how unhappy Wu Zhi Gang was, he didn’t dare to oppose him.

After being in the bureaucracy scene for so many years, he also learned how to see a few things. Prime Minister Lou was extremely fond of this youngster…..Zhuo Qing entered the jail cell, and crouched down beside the corpse. Only giving a glance to the strap marks on the neck, Zhuo Qing used all of her fingers and stretched into the deceased’s hair, thoroughly inspecting the head.

After a moment, she lifted up the deceased’s neck, and examined the back of the neck. After she examined it, Zhuo Qing halted for a moment, then pressed on a corner of the deceased’s mouth, a thread of saliva faintly came out following along a corner of the mouth.

It was just as she thought.

Zhuo Qing grasped onto the deceased’s arm, and used a little strength, it was completely unable to bend at all, the rigor mortis was very obvious! Pulling up the sleeve, she saw livor mortis on the arm, and some intertwining scars and bruises. But from the look of it they looked like old injuries, so it looks like the thing about interrogation under torture to extort a confession was true.

Zhuo Qing was very attentive, but in Wu Zhi Gang’s eyes, she was just making trouble without any reason, and deliberately mystifying things to make things unnecessarily complicated.

Not bothering to look at her, Wu Zhi Gang took advantage and analytically said towards Lou Xi Yan: “Prime Minister Lou-daren, from what This Lowly Official sees, since it has already been ascertained that it was suicide, it must be that Lin Bo Kang had planned this in advance long ago, thus he asked Li Ming to bring some clean clothing here, so that he can use his belt to commit suicide. ”

Lou Xi Yan weakly smiled but didn’t say a word, his gaze only stayed on Zhuo Qing, embarrassing Wu Zhi Gang.

As expected Zhuo Qing didn’t let him down, thus he threw out a sentence in a not casual nor serious tone: “What if it wasn’t suicide?”

Not suicide?

Lou Xi Yan’s smile became even bigger, he knew, this youngster will definitely give him a nice surprise.

Wu Zhi Gang froze. Wang Bing Sheng was the first to react, and shouted: “Rubbish!” Where did this brat come from, he even dared to question the results from his examination, and not only that it was right in front of DaRen and Prime Minister Lou too, how could he endure such a thing?!

Walking to the corpse’s side, and pointing at the corpse’s neck, Wang Bing Sheng glared at Zhuo Qing, and said with certainty: “If he had been hung up after he died, then the strap marks on his neck would appear as white, and not light purple! All four of the deceased’s limbs are naturally hanging downwards, and some spotted burns from a fire-like marks have appeared on his feet, precisely being the most important proof that he died by hanging himself! If you don’t understand then you shouldn’t talk nonsense.”

Completely ignoring his hooting, Zhuo Qing slightly lowered her head, and called out in a low voice: “That blue eyed one, you come here and help me for a bit.”

Not having an assistant is really troublesome!

Blue eyes? Mo Bai froze for a moment, but in the end he still walked over there, and crouched down beside Zhuo Qing. Following her commands, he lightly turned the corpse over to the side.

Lou Xi Yan didn’t actually expect that Mo Bai would unexpectedly go over to help him. Unlike Jing Sa’s unfeeling outward appearance, Mo Bai’s coldness comes from within his heart which leaks outside. How was that youngster able to get him to act?

Even during a time like this Lou Xi Yan was calmly looking at Zhuo Qing’s concentrated back, waiting to see what kind of performance he will play out.

To be completely disregarded by him, and to top it off it was by a nobody with no reputation! How could Wang Bing Sheng hold back this anger. Just when he wanted to open his mouth to denounce him, Zhuo Qing while examining the deceased’s back asked with an indifferent tone: “If he was first choked by someone until he lost consciousness, then hung up on the ceiling, wouldn’t the corpse also show the exact same kind of marks?”

“That….” Wang Bing Sheng was immediately speechless. Not letting him ponder on it for too long, Zhuo Qing slightly raised her head, and said with a cold voice: “I’m only asking you, yes or no!”

Under the brim of the hat came a completely pressuring powerful and dominating line of sight, Wang Bing Sheng panicked, then thought it over again. The opponent was just a youngster, what was he panicking over.

Lightly coughing to cover up his bewilderment from a moment ago, Wang Bing Sheng loudly replied: “There is such a possibility, but this is only a guess of yours, what evidence do you have to prove that he was first choked until he passed out then hung up afterwards?!” He’d like to see what kind of abilities a brat like him could have!

Evidence? Zhuo Qing laughed sarcastically, and suddenly got up.
– *A burning stick of incense’s time (一炷香的時間):


A burning stick of incense.

Meaning the amount of time it takes for one stick of incense to burn. And from my searching, it’s ~60 mins plus or minus. (Though in reality, it doesn’t always burn for exactly one hour, it really all depends on the weather and other conditions which may affect it’s burning progress. ) When “a stick of incense’s time” is used in writing, it means “an extremely short amount of time”.

Records of Washed Away Injustices: Chapter 011 – Autopsy (1)

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“Why the need to be in such a hurry to chase someone out. Whether it’s suicide or homicide, we’ll know when we see the corpse.”

Dead bodies never lie!

A cold and indifferent voice sounded out from within the lobby. The voice was especially ear-piercing, moreover the one who said those words was a strange person who was completely drenched in sweat in an ash grey gown.

Wu Zhu Gang impatiently shouted out: “Who are you?! How dare you make a racket in the court!”

“I…..” How should she reply? Zhuo Qing lightly raised up the corners of her mouth, and lazily replied: “I’m a passerby.”


Everyone was flabbergasted, that…what kind of answer what that!?

Lou Xi Yan rubbed his nose, and forced out a light cough in order to stop himself from laughing out loud. Passerby?! How impressive of him to be able to come up with such an excuse.

He he he’s practically just plainly insulting the court!! Wu Zhi Gang’s complexion turned black from anger. Ignorant child, what kind of place does he think the court is!

For a moment he forgot Lou Xi Yan was still beside him. Wu Zhi Gang went up to the middle of the lobby, pointed at Zhuo Qing and angrily said: “How preposterous, servants! Go and bring him……”

“Wu-daren.” A not casual yet not serious low voice called out, as if it were a basin of cool water hat poured down from above his head.

Wu Zhi Gang became alert at once, hurriedly turned around, and respectfully replied: “What orders do Prime Minister Lou have?”

Getting up and smoothing out the somewhat wrinkled lapel, Lou Xi Yan asked: “Where is the corpse right now?”

Wu Zhi Gang looked towards the bailiffs who came to report earlier. The bailiffs frantically replied: “Still in prison.”

Passing through the lobby, Lou Xi Yan leisurely strolled towards the side door. Wu Zhi Gang was greatly alarmed, and immediately followed from behind, and worriedly said: “Prime Minister, what are you…?”

“Get the coroner to do the autopsy, This Minister wants to personally supervise it. To find out whether it was suicide or homicide!” Lou Xi Yan was neither warm nor angry, his emotions couldn’t be made out easily, but terrifying horror followed from behind his back. Wu Zhi Gang’s back was already completely soaked long ago.

Once Mrs. Lin heard there was going to be an autopsy, she wanted to rush over again. Lin Bo Kang’s death was very sudden, all the villagers whole-heartedly wanted to get an understanding.

A group of people also followed and rushed forward towards the side door. The bailiff’s long sticks were already raised out: “You people can’t go in!”

The hand that Mrs. Lin used to tightly grab onto the long stick was trembling very violently, while trying to burst through at the same time she was crying she said: “Why? That’s my husband!”

Wu Zhi Gang’s tall and robust body blocked Mrs. Lin from the side. The simple and honest faces whole-heartedly begged: “Government official-dage*, please let us through!”

“Out of the question!” The bailiffs never even looked them in the eye, and left no leeway for interceding.

Zhuo Qing semi-leaned against the door frame, while looking at the back-and-forth argument between the villagers and the bailiffs like she had no relation to them. They didn’t understand anything, so it’d be useless even if they went in. They might as well just pray for that Prime Minister Lou so that he’s an unrivaled wise genius who can solve cases even better than the gods.

Yawning, Zhuo Qing turned around and headed out. She was extremely tired, ever since she mysteriously arrived at this place, she never got a good night’s sleep. She wanted to find a place to get a good rest first, then think about what she should do next.

One foot just stepped outside the door sill, when a man’s spring water like cold clear raw voice sounded out: “Let them come in.”

The person who came was Prime Minister Lou’s personal guard. The bailiffs looked each other in the eyes, but didn’t dare to obstruct any further and immediately took back their long sticks. The villagers followed along with Mrs. Lin and rushed inside together.

Hearing a very pleasant-sounding voice, Zhuo Qing turned around curiously. A white flash of a shadow impressively appeared beside the side door. He was probably one of Lou Xi Yan’s guards; slightly narrowing her eyes, Zhuo Qing secretly sized him up.

He was approximately 190cm tall, and had snow white skin which was well matched with his dark brown hair. His facial features were distinct, and his azure eyes resembled translucent colored glass. Looking at his overall appearance, he can definitely be regarded as a top quality mixed blood beauty. But his most special trait weren’t these and is actually the fact that he doesn’t show many expressions on his face. He gives off the impression of not being grim and unfeeling but he wasn’t gentle and soft either, giving off a distant aura. She didn’t really like him, but she still had to admit, he was very charming!

That man suddenly walked towards her direction. Zhuo Qing pulled down the brim of her hat and waited for him to pass by, but he stopped beside her instead. An indifferent voice calmly stated: “Let’s go.”

“To where?” Zhuo Qing played dumb.

“I don’t mind making a move if I have to.” Along with his cold and detached reply, his pale hand tightly grabbed onto Zhuo Qing’s arm.

“Stop! I can walk myself.” That hurts so much, why use so much strength!

His pale hand slowly let go, and without saying a word he walked ahead.

Zhuo Qing rolled her eyes, so no matter what era the bodyguards are from all of them have a need to put on a display of oppressiveness!

She very unwillingly followed him into the jail cell. When she passed by him, Zhuo Qing coldly hmphed and said: “Considering that you have a pair of beautiful eyes, I won’t bother to argue with you this time.” Otherwise…..she always did had a bad habit of holding grudges!

Mo Bai froze, beautiful? Because of his eyes, he had been abandoned by his family, and everyone called him a demon. He doesn’t have any relatives, nor any friends, and furthermore no one was even willing to or dared to look straight into his eyes. With these kind of eyes, he says they’re beautiful!?

A sneer flashed across his eyes, however his pale face was still as indifferent as always.

。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 After many twists and turns in the prison, Zhuo Qing finally arrived at Lin Bo Kang’s jail cell.

Zhuo Qing immediately began observing the surrounding environment. The jail cell just happens to be in the inner most part of the entire prison, the bailiffs who take turns with shifts don’t come here, in fact they can’t even see this cell at all. Furthermore it’s unknown if this is just a coincidence or done on purpose, but the few other cells nearby this jail cell are all empty, in other words, there are basically no eye-witnesses to anything that happens in this jail cell.

The gate to the jail cell was jam-packed with people since earlier, Zhuo Qing stood at the very back, but she was still able the corpse which was still suspended high up on the ceiling.

The deceased’s complexion is light purple, and swelling is very obvious. There is also some scattered dots of blood on the skin of his face, the reason of death should be by suffocation, but looking downwards on the body….Zhuo Qing’s brows unconsciously knit together.

“Paying my respects to Prime Minister-daren!” A man’s voice suddenly sounded out from behind.

Zhuo Qing turned around and looked. It was a thirty plus year old middle aged man who had hurriedly rushed here, directly facing Lou Xi Yan while cupping his hands to greet him.

“Who are you?” He asked the middle aged man, although Lou Xi Yan’s eyes however had stopped on Zhuo Qing; just now the gaze he had while he was staring at the corpse was completely focused and sharp.

Jing Sa had investigated for the entire night last night, Niu Jia Village never had a disfigured youngster to begin with. Just who on earth was he, and was it his idea to kidnap Qing Feng, also what are his intentions? Lou Xi Yan was very interested in knowing everything and anything pertaining to him!

The middle aged man respectfully replied: “This Lowly Person is Wang Bing Sheng, one of Ying Tian Governmental Office’s coroners. I have been examining corpses for over ten years.”

Coroner? Which is also the ancient times’ forensic investigator then. Mentioning autopsies, his face gained confidence and even went as far as to having somewhat of a responsible expression.

Zhuo Qing had been agitated for the entire day but her mood finally became a bit better, she really wanted to take a good look at how they examined corpses.

“Good, then go ahead and do a thorough examination to find out whether it was suicide or a homicide.”

He only focused on the details of the case, and didn’t focus on the person at all. If it really was homicide, then the implications this case will bring are definitely not small at all. If someone was able to commit murder in Ying Tian Governmental Office’s prison, how can they be just a simple person.


Wang Bing Sheng entered the jail cell. The bailiffs had already brought down the corpse earlier. His appearance was practically indistinguishable due to the light purple face in addition to the swelling.

The rigid body stiffly laid on the ground. Mrs. Lin* immediately collapsed from shock, and became paralyzed on the ground: “My husband…”

“Careful madam!” The villagers helped her up and then took her to retreat to the side.

Zhuo Qing took advantage of the situation to get closer to the jail cell.

She only saw the coroner lifting up the corpse’s head, inspecting the strap marks, then went on to take a look at the deceased’s hands and feet.

From the beginning to the end it only took less than five minutes, then he stood up, walked to face Lou Xi Yan, and reported: “Reporting to Prime Minister-daren, the corpse’s complexion is redish-purple, both hands and feet are perpendicularly pointing downwards, also there are some kind of burn marks on his feet. The light purple strap mark on his neck had stretched up the areas behind the left ear to the area behind the right ear, so from these we can see that he had died from committing suicide by hanging, and the object he used to hang himself up with was his belt.”

Suicide? Lou Xi Yan muttered to himself, then asked again: “When was the time of death?”

After hesitating for a moment, Wang Bing Sheng replied: “Probably about, four hours ago.”

That can’t be right!

Just by looking at the livor mortis, you can see that the deceased had been dead for at least ten hours and above! But since she stood outside the jail cell, and was too faraway from the corpse, Zhuo Qing was unable to determine the deceased’s cause of death. Besides, if she had rashly spoken aloud, it might create trouble for herself instead.

Looking in the direction of the Lou Xi Yan who was focused on looking at the corpse, Zhuo Qing decided, she’ll first throw a brick to attract a jade*!

“How strange!” Zhuo Qing purposely feigned astonishment and shouted out: “What a good life this person has, he was given a chance to freshen up nicely before committing suicide, he even changed into some new clothing and shoes. But what’s strange is, he had changed into new clothing and shoes, but he didn’t comb up his hair!”
– *Da ge (大哥): A little honorific(?) referring to young men as a polite way to call them OR “older/oldest brother” when someone says it to their friend or older brother. If I had to compare it to something, it’d be ‘onii-san’ in Japanese. There is a third way which is to refer to their boss in a more friendly way but still respecting them (like in a mafia or something). Madame Lin uses the first case to refer to the bailiffs in this case.

– *Mrs. Lin: Note, I don’t know why the author typed Mrs. Wang in the original text, but I think that was just a typo since even in the previous chapter her maiden name was never revealed then suddenly came in the Wang Bing Sheng coroner, so it’s probably just a mix up with the new character. Not 100% sure, but I’m 99.8% positive she meant to write Lin and not Wang. Not to mention it’s never mentioned again and the nest time she’s called, they call her Mrs.Lin.

– *Throw a brick to attract a jade (拋磚引玉): An idiom, meaning “to offer some humble remarks and asking for his valued opinion on it.” Basically, she’ll bait him with some statements with vague meanings, and lead him to what she wants him to know.

Records of Washed Away Injustices: Chapter 010 – Suicide to Escape Punishment

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The next day.
Ying Tian Governmental Office.

In the bright spacious lobby, a sign with Zheng Da Guang Ming* imprinted on it was hung up in the center most area. The characters were lightly carved in and the green jade embedding contrasted with the red wood frame. Contrasting with the dark red frame were a few large flowing gold* characters glittering with sparkling light. It was exceptionally blinding to the eyes.

Two rows of bailiffs* dressed in deep-red clothing making them appear as if they exuded with strength were separated onto the left and right sides, their hands held onto a long stick, and had somewhat of an imposing appearance.

The villagers which were granted permission to listen to the trial could only stand at the very back of the lobby. They were practically standing outside of the lobby, but even so, the villagers still stood there in perfect stillness. All the villagers’ bodies were as straight as it could be, and their heads lowered to as low as it could be; they didn’t even dare to breathe out loud heavily.

Except for one person….

Lou Xi Yan’s gaze swept across while he himself crossed his arms over his chest. The lonesome view of his back leaning against the door frame while he had crossed over and sat on the door sill gave him a fierce and tyrannical appearance which was very unfitting with the governmental office’s lobby image. His worn-out hat covered up a large part of his face, and although his expression wasn’t visible, Lou Xi Yan was able to guess, his face was definitely filled with anger at the moment.

Thinking of this, Lou Xi Yan was feeling very delighted for no reason.

He was feeling delighted, meanwhile someone else was overflowing with anger.

The hour of Wu* was twelve noon right? Those idiots didn’t sleep a wink at all last night. She didn’t know what they were tossing and turning around about, but once it was daybreak this morning, while the sky only had the first few glimmers of dawn, they dragged her to the front of Ying Tian Governmental Office, and they waited until now while welcoming the sun!!

The clothing she wore were coarse and thick, so her back was drenched with sweat long ago. The hat was so tightly put on that air wasn’t able to flow through, so on her forehead and face were also drenched and dripping with sweat. Zhuo Qing’s agitation rose to an even higher point while she stared at the refreshed and cool Lou Xi Yan who was sitting at the official’s desk.

The Lou Xi Yan today was different from the Lou Xi Yan from yesterday. He wore a purple and gold white jade bundling-crown* on his head, and a dark red and flowing gold changpao. A half-leaning-half-crouching gold qilin* was embroidered on the front part of his robe, its eyes were bright, and it seemed to have taken on the stance of something waiting to take action after having gained power. On his pure black silk brocade belt hung a round green jade pendant. On his face was his never changing bright shallow smile like always, but even then there was no one who dared to act rash in his presence.

“This Subordinate of yours pays my respects to Prime Minister Lou.” The Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Justice Wu Zhi Gang was half bowed over while his heart was anxious and frightened at the same time.

Although both the Ministry of Appointments and the Ministry of Justice are both overseen by Prime Minister Lou, the Criminals & Prison Division is usually the one in charge of re-examining cases, and you would absolutely never see Prime Minister Lou within the prefectural government office. He was only a minor forth rank official, how could he not be terrified!

Lou Xi Yan sat down on the chair by the side, slightly raised his hand, then weakly smiled and replied: “Forego the formalities.”

Wu Zhi Gang slowly straightened his body, but no matter what he would never dare to sit down. Prime Minister Lou was present, so how would he dare to sit down in the master’s seat*. Standing beside the sentencing-table*, Wu Zhi Gang asked respectfully: “Prime Minister Lou, the reason you came today is……”

Lou Xi Yan had on a relaxed smile: “The several hundred villagers of Niu Jia Village joined together to present a petition, in order to declare the case of Lin Bo Kang stealing and switching the army provisions as an injustice. What’s your opinion on this?”

Lou Xi Yan had asked him very casually, but Wu Zhi Gang’s complexion was flushed white. One of his hands had cupped into a fist and covered by his other hand, and he hurriedly replied: “I’m sure Prime Minister Lou understands, this case has both human testimonies and material evidence, and Lin Bo Kang had already pleaded guilty himself, there is absolutely no chance for this case to have been wrongly carried out!”

“No chance for this case to have been wrongly carried out?” Lou Xi Yan looked towards the married woman at the side of the lobby, and asked: “Madame* Lin, do you have anything to say to that?”

Zhuo Qing slightly lifted up her eyes and looked over, she could only see one fifty plus year old married woman who was already kneeling down on the floor. Her voice was somewhat trembling, but her reply was extremely loud and clear: “Replying to Prime Minister-daren, this married-commoner* had come to visit my husband on this month’s eighteenth which is also the third day after the governmental office convicted my husband. My husband said that he didn’t steal and switch the army provisions, and that he had been wronged!”

The married woman’s voice only just barely faded away, but Wu Zhi Gang was already unable to hold it back, and urgently replied: “How absurd! It’s all written in black and white, it even has his personally marked sign on the confession document. How is it acceptable that just because he had said he was wronged then we should believed he was really wronged! Private adviser*, hurry and bring the file to Prime Minister Lou to have a look!”

“Yes yes yes.” The man who had been standing by the side being timid the entire time immediately rushed towards the inside of the inner hall. Not long after, he ran out holding a folded object in his hands.

Wu Zhi Gang hurriedly took the file, and respectfully presented it with both hands: “Prime Minister Lou, this is the file for the case. Both the human testimony statement and the material evidence are here, so it won’t allow for him to deny his crimes!”

Zhuo Qing was half leaning against the stoop, her clear eyes were side glancing Lou Xi Yan, waiting for him to respond.

He had even found Lin Bo Kang’s wife and called her here, so he must have seen this case’s file already. It’s only been a night’s time, what else has he done?! This man’s still young but he has already reached the highest position an official can obtain; he definitely has reasons for doing so.

As expected, Lou Xi Yan didn’t take the file, rather he put on a troubled appearance, and sighed: “One of you claims that the case had been given it’s justice, and the other keeps on saying over and over again that injustice had been served. Since it’s like this, let’s just bring the convict here, this official wants to personally inquire about it.”

Wu Zhi Gang froze, but didn’t dare to say anything. Then told the two bailiffs by the side in a lowered voice: “You two, hurry and go bring the convict Lin Bo Kang to the lobby here.”

“Yes.” The bailiffs accepted the order and went.

Unexpectedly once they went, they went for over half and hour. Zhuo Qing faintly felt something bad was going to happen. Lou Xi Yan’s complexion however was the same as always, not twitching in the least, one hand was on the seat and was tapping down every once in a while. Only the Wu Zhi Gang who was painstakingly standing beside him had a thin layer of sweat seeping out from his forehead, but standing beside Lou Xi Yan, he didn’t dare to make any movements.

With great difficulty, the two bailiffs who went came back. Wu Zhi Gang scolded them in a lowered voice: “What took so long?” Seeing that there was no one behind them, he hurriedly asked: “Where is he?”

The two were both quietly panting endlessly. One of them flusteredly replied: “Replying to daren, Lin Bo Kang he…he had committed suicide to escape punishment this morning!”

Committed suicide to escape punishment?!

Zhuo Qing secretly took notice of Wu Zhi Gang’s expression.

After he heard the news, he almost tipped over, his complexion changed from white to green, seemingly as if he had also received a big shock, which didn’t look like it was a fake reaction. Lou Xi Yan didn’t say a word, his brows had slightly knit together. Perhaps he too didn’t expect that he would unexpectedly die either!

Could it really be suicide; Zhuo Qing subconsciously denied that idea, because—– it was just too coincidental, the timing was too perfect!

“Our benefactor is dead?!” The villagers encircled around outside widened their eyes, all were unable to believe it, and wanted to crowd inside, but Prime Minister Lou was present, so they didn’t dare to act rash, and could only worry helplessly.

“My husband……” Once Mrs. Lin heard she immediately toppled down and paralyzed on the ground, and she sobbed endlessly with her head hung down.

As if she suddenly thought of something, Mrs. Lin suddenly climbed up, then pointed at Wu Zhi Gang and wailed: “My husband was wrongly accused, it’s impossible that he committed suicide. It must be you people, you people must have murdered my husband!”

Mrs. Lin crazily pounced towards Wu Zhi Gang, but was blocked by the bailiffs on the two sides with their long sticks, her mouth was still cursing while being unforgiving however.

Wu Zhi Gang came back to his senses, and flusteredly and exasperatedly shouted out loudly: “Shut up, ignorant women and children shouldn’t roar and bellow in the law court! Drag her out!”

Wu Zhi Gang carefully looked towards Lou Xi Yan, in fear that he would get angry. Fortunately Prime Minister Lou had on a appearance of pondering, as if he hadn’t noticed that shrew’s excuses.

“Let go of me!” Mrs. Lin desperately struggled, but in the end she was still unable to win against those two big grown men. One bailiff from the right and one from the left pulled her up and dragged her outside.


Just as Mrs. Lin was about to be thrown outside, a cold and indifferent voice quietly sounded out: “Why the rush to chase someone away so quickly, suicide or homicide, we’ll know when we see the corpse.”
– *Zheng Da Guang Ming (正大光明): Means “just and honorable”. I was deliberating on which to use, the literal translation or the transliteration, but decided to use transliteration just because…it’s more appropriate? And I think it’s easier to imagine than “Just and Honorable” written on a sign.


What the scene might look like; except I’m positive that it’s much less grand, more simple and dimmer with colors.

– *Flowing gold (流金): When the gold was melted it was then morphed into a liquid shaped thing. The color of it is bright and beautiful and it doesn’t have a fixed form/pattern/shape. Something like a free-flowing design?

– *Bailiff [of feudal yamen = feudal governmental office] (衙役): The best way I can explain this is: they’re not quite officials, but rather the minions of the official in charge of that governmental office who carry out tasks like giving punishment and bringing in the convicts + kind of guarding while a trial is ongoing and whatnot.

– *Hour of Wu (午時): Basically 11AM – 1PM. In Ancient China, time was separated into two-hour subdivisions. One of these subdivisions are called “shichen (时辰)”. Interesting fact, the names for these subdivisions are actually the same as the name for each of the different Chinese zodiac signs (rat, ox, tiger, etc). Wu (午) happens to be the horse.

– *Bundling-crown (束冠):


Different types of bundling-crowns. Imagine they’re all white jade like the first one. In my opinion, it’s most likely Lou Xi Yan was wearing shape #1 or #2 but his was better w/ gold and purple gems. Of course, there are more styles; these just happen to be the ones I found.

In Lou Xi Yan’s case…he’s wearing a bundling crown that’s either completely white jade and purple+gold decorations. By the way, this is not the official English term since there’s no such thing in Western society, it can also be called binding-crown, or according to Google Translate, beam-crown.

– *Qilin (麒麟): or ‘kirin’:

– *Master’s seat (主位): The seat of highest ranking. If you sit here, it displays you are of a higher rank and great power. Nowadays, there is still a master’s seat or “seat of honor” – which is now reserved for the person who’s oldest or the owner or host of a place.

– *Summoning table (案桌):


The table in the center is the summoning table. This is similar to what a “law court” would typically look like. Lighting and other decorations will probably differ from dynasty to dynasty and location to location.

– *Madame (氏): I didn’t use “Mrs.” since 氏 indicates for her maiden name, but she’s married at the same time so. If I used -shi, it’s technically a Japanese transliteration since they share pretty much the same spelling and sound, but meaning and usage is different, so I thought Madame might fit best since I mostly see it used with the meaning for maiden name (the other usage would be for famous people in things like reports and newspapers which is also the meaning for -shi in Japanese language.)

– *Married-commoner (民婦): A title belonging to a married woman of commoner status. It’s a different term if they’re unmarried woman/men + commoner status, or whatever status. I tried making it sound the most natural as it could, but ancient terms don’t translate that well (+ they’re super emphasized in ancient society), so forgive me.

– *Private adviser (师爷): A private assistant attending to legal, fiscal or secretarial duties in a local governmental office (or yamen). Basically the secretary of the official, but is privately hired, and has no relation to the royal court.

Records of Washed Away Injustices: Chapter 009 – Confrontation Upon First Meeting (2)

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(Did I mention I hate translating idioms? Well I have something I hate even more now. Translating Confucianism principles.)
Lou Xi Yan was silent, everyone else didn’t know how to react either. The several hundred people standing by the village entrance was quiet and silent, and there was a strange feeling; the air had changed into a stuffy atmosphere.

Zhuo Qing cast a side glance towards Lou Xi Yan. He was still smiling, his long and narrow eyes lightly rose up, and gazed at her with incomparable “concern and care”, unfortunately no matter how Zhuo Qing looked at it, she felt it wasn’t gentle at all, instead it gave off a feeling which made her entire body go numb!

He was a prime minister, “rumors say” he’s gentle like jade and his manner is extraordinary, he probably shouldn’t be that narrow-minded right?!

Pulling on the edge of the hat, Zhuo Qing quietly retreated back. A true man won’t stand beside a collapsing wall*….who knew that the moment she moved her foot, a boom from a sudden clap of thunder along with dazzling lightning striking down appeared.

It was originally just breezes of gentle spring winds but then suddenly everything abruptly changed, the wind blew all vegetation up in the air.

Zhuo Qing recieved a sudden fright, and raised her head up to look at the sky, she could only see an ink black horizon which was already being filled with rising winds and scudding clouds*.

Zhuo Qing was stunned: “No way!” She didn’t say anything that was of treason and heresy nor something god-forbidden* right! Nothing to go as far as to deserving this kind of lightning-flashing-thunder-rolling-wild-wind treatment right?!

After a few claps of thunder came a large downpour of rain.

“It’s raining—-” The sudden rainstorm unintentionally made the people forget everything and ended up making a huge mess.

Zhuo Qing hurriedly took advantage of the mess and retreated, but her hand suddenly began to hurt. Her wrist was tightly grabbed by a big clean and slender hand. Zhuo Qing looked up, it was Lou Xi Yan!

Under the rainstorm, everyone looked very savage-like, all except him who still had a free and unconstrained appearance. Blocked by the thick mist from the rain, his appearance was nearly impossible to be seen clearly, but Zhuo Qing was still able to feel that intense stare directed at her from that pair of thin and slender pupils.

The rain was getting more and more heavy, Wu Si shouted out in a loud voice: “Prime Minister-daren, please come this way to the ancestral hall to avoid the rain!”

Lou Xi Yan smiled and nodded, pulling along Zhuo Qing from the side of the village entrance to the ancestral hall.

After a few attempts of Zhuo Qing using all her strength to struggle she gave up. From his refined thin and weak appearance, his strength was unexpectedly strong. Unless she didn’t want that hand anymore, she shouldn’t even think of escaping!

The corners of Lou Xi Yan’s mouth unconsciously lightly lifted up after he turned back to see the youngster only struggle for a few times before silently following behind him.

The so-called ancestral hall was really only a large mud constructed house. There were a few sacrificial offering tables, and a few nearly almost all burnt up joss stick and candles. The four walls were almost completely broken, and rain drops from time to time would leak through from the cracks of the roof tiles.

This place was originally a very small place, but then came a large group of people, making it look exceptionally crowded. Fortunately Lou Xi Yan’s “Hei Bai Wu Chang*” like bodyguards were standing there, so the villagers also didn’t dare to squeeze through, they could only rest beside a corner of the sacrificial table.

Zhuo Qing was very unaccustomed to having her hand grabbed on by someone, so being unable to bear it she swung away her arm. Zhuo Qing impatiently said: “Prime Minister-daren, you can let go of my hand now right?!”

Once Lou Xi Yan who was originally prepared to let go of her hand heard his voice filled with dislike and avoidance, he contrarily used more strength to grasp onto his wrist, and said with his usual gentle voice: “You asked for someone else’s name, but you didn’t report your own name, isn’t that a bit lacking in some manners.”

Tss~ It really hurts!!

This person is too evil! Her hand was practically going to break! Zhuo Qing stubbornly bit down on her teeth tightly*, not uttering a word, nor giving an answer.

Feeling the wrist which was uncontrollably trembling in his hand, Lou Xi Yan loosened his grip. This youngster’s hand was too slender, he was also genuinely afraid that if he wasn’t careful he might break snap off his hand.

Letting go of his hand, Lou Xi Yan indifferently asked: “Your name.”

His clear cold voice quietly sounded out, fading out like the low chord of an instrument.

Zhuo Qing lifted up her head slightly and looked at Lou Xi Yan, looking at his facial features up close he was even more handsome. The him as of this moment wasn’t smiling, but without his smile was a contrasting side; his long and narrow eyes, his raised small thin lips, faintly showed a nefarious and unrestrained charm.

Zhuo Qing was entranced, but suddenly she noticed a faint flash of amazement flashed across Lou Xi Yan’s eyes.

Her face! Zhuo Qing hurriedly lowered her head, but Lou Xi Yan grabbed onto her chin, and slowly turned her face back around. A timely flash of lightning flashed across, under the white light, two deep scars grandly covered the clean and white cheek, nearly shadowing her complexion.

Lou Xi Yan’s expression slightly shifted, who was so fierce to leave behind these malevolent marks on a youngster’s face.

Zhuo Qing was unable to lower her head, she was only able to pull on the ragged hat on her head, making it so the other side of her face was tightly and fully covered up. Lifting up her foot towards Lou Xi Yan she ruthlessly stepped down.

“Humph!~” Lou Xi Yan made a smothered groaning sound, and while he was somewhat distracted, Zhuo Qing hurriedly took advantage of the situation and slapped away his hand, then retreated a good few steps back.

Getting away from him a bit, the feeling of oppression she felt finally lessened.

Grabbing onto the hat, she covered up her face, then Zhuo Qing pretended to be surprised and said: “Did I step on you? I’m sorry Prime Minister-daren, it was too dark, so I couldn’t see.”

At this time she missed her three-inch heels more than anything.

Couldn’t see?! Could he be anymore fake!

Seeing the injury on his face, Lou Xi Yan who had stretched out his hand paused, but he ultimately put it down.

Lou Xi Yan didn’t go forward again. Zhuo Qing finally let out a breath of relief, but then she heard the Qi Tian Yu who was currently interrogating Wu Si: “You wanted to see the Prime Minister, now he’s here, so you should also hand over the little beauty you snatched away right!”

Wu Si scratched his head, his face was covered with an expression of not knowing what to do. Miss Zhuo Qing said they couldn’t tell them, now what should he do?

“Where is she?!” Having seen through Wu Si’s well-behaved nature, Qi Tian Yu interrogatively asked: “You people didn’t kill her right?”

Shaking his head repeatedly, Wu Si hurriedly said: “No no no……absolutely not!!”


Wu Si loudly shouted out: “How is that possible!”

“Then where is she?!”

She…… The villagers once again looked for her figure in the ancestral hall.

SHIT!* Zhuo Qing silently cursed. Here we go again!

Bang! Only a loud sound was heard, Zhuo Qing ferociously smacked down on the sacrificial table.

The originally worn-out sacrificial table was unable to bear it as it swayed back and after a few swings it unexpectedly…..collapsed with a bang…..all the villagers stared at Zhuo Qing with alarm. Lou Xi Yan lightly raised up his brow, what is he playing at now?

Good, now everyone was staring at her, Lou Xi Yan probably wouldn’t find out now.

The person these idiotic villagers were trying to find just now was her! She achieved her goal, but….it hurt so much——@$,$ &@,

Slowly taking back her hand, she hid it behind her back and lightly rubbed it. Zhuo Qing sucked in a deep breath, and with a clear voice she replied: “She’s alive and well, you can feel reassured Prime Minister, we will look after her with great care in your place. After the public hearing of the case is over, Prime Minister will naturally be able to see her.”

“So you mean to say, if this case won’t open for a public hearing, we’ll never get to see the little beauty?!”

Glancing at the scattered and smashed pieces of wood on the ground, Qi Tian Yu with a look of watching a good show, clicked his tongue then smiled and said: “Prime Minister-daren, someone’s intimidating you.”

Who was this person?!

Motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos*, Zhuo Qing secretly clenched her teeth, and replied with a cold voice: “This gongzi has misunderstood me, I would never do something without any practical results like intimidating someone.”

What a heavy tone of voice! Qi Tian Yu began to make a long whistle, this guy really is interesting~

Feigning alarm while shaking his head, Qi Tian Yu exaggeratedly shouted: “If you’re not intimidating, then you must be trying to threaten huh? Coercing a court official is a very serious crime!”

“You!” Zhuo Qing’s anger peaked!

Lou Xi Yan suddenly began to laugh aloud, and with a serious voice he said: “Tomorrow at noon, this official will review this case’s files at Ying Tian Governmental Office and inquire about the details of the case. I will allow ten people from Niu Jia Village to watch the trial. Whether this case will be re-investigated or not, this official will make a decision after examining the files and meeting the convict!”

“Many thanks to Prime Minister-daren!”

Once the villagers heard this piece of good news, they immediately knelt down to thank him for this favor, only Zhuo Qing alone was staring at Lou Xi Yan as if she was in thought. Anything this man does always seems to make others not know of how to make any sense of the matters.

Seeing the rain gradually lighten up, Lou Xi Yan didn’t speak anymore, and prepared to leave.

Qi Tian Yu caught up to Lou Xi Yan, frowned and asked: “You really don’t want the little beauty?”

His gaze swept past Zhuo Qing, Lou Xi Yan indifferently smiled and said: “Let’s just have him take care of her in my place.”

Zhuo Qing’s body couldn’t help but stiffen up, his smile always made people feel absolutely horrified!

Walking to the entrance of the ancestral hall, Lou Xi Yan suddenly stopped in his tracks again, turned around and looked at Zhuo Qing, then said: “You, you must appear tomorrow.”

“Why?” What did this have to do with her?

“If you don’t appear, these people don’t need to come either.”

Spitting out those words Lou Xi Yan and his party of people rapidly disappeared into the drizzling rain.

“Hey—-” Zhuo Qing was speechless, who was intimidating who here—-!!
– *A true man won’t stand beside a collapsing wall (君子不立危牆之下): A Confucianism principle taught by Kongzi. To summarize, it just basically means people must know to stay away from danger and when to get away from danger (or something like that.) Honestly, I got really annoyed reading about Confucianism philosophy, since I’m not a fan at all.

– *Rising winds and scudding clouds (風起雲湧): Idiom which means “turbulent times, violent development”. Very perfect double-meaning idiom to describe this situation~

– *Treason and heresy nor something god-forbidden (大逆不道、天理不容): I thought I just had to explain why I need to explain this. It’s funny because of the timing of her words and then Lou Xi Yan’s anger. Right when she said those words, everything completely changed, making it seem like Lou Xi Yan’s doing. LOL. If you re-read it again, everything about the changes of atmosphere had a double meaning.

– *Hei Bai Wu Chang (黑白無常): The literal English translation would be “Black and White Impermanence”. Usually mentioned in folklore, they’re two deities who are in charge of escorting spirits to the underworld, and also like their name, one’s dressed in black and the other white. Furthermore, one is short and the other is tall, and they’re chained together at the ankle and are in charge of rewarding the good spirits and punishing the bad ones. More info here.

– *Bit down on her teeth tightly (咬緊牙關): Idiom meaning “to bite down on one’s teeth and endure the pain” or “to bite the bullet”. In context, it means she endured the pain.

– *SHIT!: I just thought it’d be interesting to note she actually said this in english, the exact wording, word for word. Haha. It’d be so funny if she said it aloud though.